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Shannon has worked with over 100 brands and manufacturers to setup their Amazon accounts and to optimize and launch their products. Utilizing foundational principles he has helped launch over 23 #1 New Releases, 25 Amazon Choice Products and 4 #1 Best Sellers. He created Marketplace Seller Courses and the Amazon Brand Success Academy to help entrepreneurs launch, grow and protect their brands on Amazon.

April 2020

Amazon Suspension Appeals and Reinstatement with Chris McCabe Of eCommerceChris

By |2020-10-21T09:47:15-04:00April 14th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“If you’re not sure how to respond a certain kind of notice claims for instance... then at least find somebody who actually knows what their talking about which I know can be hard these days.” Chris McCabe Our special guest today, Chris worked at Amazon on the performance and [...]

March 2020

Creating A Legal Framework For Distribution Enforcement On Amazon With Howard Ullman Of Orrick

By |2020-10-21T09:47:35-04:00March 31st, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“To avoid disputes in the future about who has which rights, all of this can be spelled out expressly in distributor agreements. And then there's no possibility for a dispute about it down the road.” Howard Ullman We begin by discussing how brand owners can create a clear line [...]

How to Build a Kicka$$ brand on Amazon with Daniela Bolzmann of Mindful Goods

By |2020-10-21T09:48:16-04:00March 24th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“Smaller brands actually look at this and say, Okay, these bigger brands are slow, they're going to be slow. So the advantage here is to take a look at this list, pick the pieces that make the most sense that maybe the big companies are not doing and you [...]

Outsourcing And Hiring Amazon Freelancers To Scale Your Business With Connor Gillivan Co-founder Of FreeeUp

By |2020-10-21T09:51:08-04:00March 17th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“For myself as a business owner, I think one of the biggest benefits is that I more strategically am able to spend my dollars on talent when I'm hiring freelancers.” Connor Gillivan In this episode, we talk about outsourcing. How to find freelancers who are competent and trustworthy. Connor [...]

Increasing Social Media Followers And Engagement To Boost Amazon Sales With Jun Harada of Plus1

By |2020-10-21T09:51:30-04:00March 10th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“In the absence of virality, which is 99.99% of everybody on the internet, you use a personal connection. And the reason I really tell that is because again, going back to the human traits, people make decisions when they're emotional, plain and simple. You have to get someone emotional [...]

Creating A Sales Boosting Amazon Customer Service Experience with Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar of SellerSmile

By |2020-10-21T09:51:55-04:00March 3rd, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“Follow Amazon but then make it as the policy is liberal as you can because that's going to be ultimately the best customer experience.” Tygh Walters In this episode, I am joined by Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar of SellerSmile as we talk about the importance of providing a [...]

February 2020

How To Increase Sales Using Amazon Product Videos with Tim Hughes of Product Labs

By |2020-10-21T09:52:45-04:00February 18th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“When you're in a physical store, you can pick up the product, you can look at it, you can turn it around, you can play with it, and that helps you determine whether or not you want to purchase it along with other things like price and you know, [...]

When, Why, And How Brands Should Seek Help With Amazon with Chris Fryburger of nReach

By |2020-12-28T13:51:01-05:00February 11th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“It’s not like just any other sale channel you might have, and so it takes time to learn. It takes time to get everything up and running and the like. And so, you have to ask yourself, theoretically, “What sales am I losing as a result of waiting or [...]

Using Affiliate Marketing To Explode Your Amazon Sales with Tony Kasandrinos

By |2020-12-28T13:51:32-05:00February 5th, 2020|Amazon Podcasts|

“To me, it's a win, win, win. I say that a lot, but it's a win for the consumer, a win for the brand influencer or ambassador or affiliate, whatever you want to call them because they're getting paid and it's a win for me because I don't have [...]

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