“For myself as a business owner, I think one of the biggest benefits is that I more strategically am able to spend my dollars on talent when I’m hiring freelancers.” Connor Gillivan

In this episode, we talk about outsourcing. How to find freelancers who are competent and trustworthy. Connor takes us through his journey of online selling and how he worked with numerous freelancers and how the frustrations he faced working them led up to starting Freeeup. We discuss the challenges and benefits of freelancers

We go further and talk about finding talented freelancers who will give you value for your money. How hiring several freelancers to handle different aspects of a business is better than hiring one full-time employee. Your business is exposed to less risk and overheads while working with freelancers than working with full-time employees.

We further talk about how to build trust with freelancers who are located far away in a different part of the world. How you get to trust someone you have never seen. One of the ways is by understanding they are trying to learn their own business as well. Their purpose is to grow their business and your business in the process.

Connor takes us through the process of identifying your ideal candidate and knowing what task you want them to handle. Some important things to look at include personal values the freelancer holds. Personal preferences you may have regarding the location and most importantly your budget the freelancer rate.

Finally, we talk about setting up a system of communication. Most freelancers will be based in a different geographical location you. It helps if the system helps in organizing the tasks as well, or you may have one for communication and one for tasks.

Connor Gillivan is currently a Founder and Owner of OutsourceSchool.com. He was an Owner of FreeUp.net, which he helped scale and was acquired in 2019 by The HOTH. Connor is an expert in hiring and scaling with virtual assistants and shares his business insights on his own blog, ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Key Takeaways

  • How hiring talented freelancers to handle different aspects of your business is better than hiring a full-time employee 7:05
  • Challenges of outsourcing: the time it takes to set up a job, interview prospects and make a call on the person to hire 11:20
  • Building trust with freelancers and ensuring they deliver on their work 24:24
  • Leveraging freelancers strengths to build your business and become successful 27:30
  • Identifying your ideal freelancer candidate 30:31
  • Learning to Hire quickly and firing quickly when working with freelancers 36:08
  • Choosing a communication channel that works with for you and your freelancers 38.10
  • Setting clear, measurable, attainable and timebound tasks 40:29
  • Organizing tasks, setting deadlines and following up on revisions 52:33

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