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“If you’re not sure how to respond a certain kind of notice claims for instance… then at least find somebody who actually knows what their talking about which I know can be hard these days.” Chris McCabe

Our special guest today, Chris worked at Amazon on the performance and policy enforcement teams. He has vast knowledge and experience of protecting your brand on Amazon. He shares that knowledge with us.

First off, we talk about the most common type of suspension which is related to logistical issues. Late shipments, not having tracking information and order defects rate. Chris advises that the best way to avoid this type of problem is by testing your automation tools and making sure they are ready to go.

We discuss how to communicate with sellers on Amazon. You can easily get a suspension by giving out links to your personal website. Besides this, it is a best practice to keep Amazon customers on Amazon as it grows your audience, feedback, and customer reviews which is your ultimate goal.

We talk in detail about customer service and how to handle customer claims to have a positive resolution. As a seller, you should always maintain the wider picture approach to individual customer complaints. We also discuss why you should proactively contact Amazon seller Performance ahead of time when facing a problem.

In the last section, we discuss how to create a success reinstatement request once you have been suspended. Chris takes us through four steps of action you need to take. Tune in to hear about these and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • How to avoid logistical issues with your orders on Amazon (1:41)
  • Communicating with sellers the right way on Amazon to avoid a warning or suspension (4:21)
  • Best practice of handing customer claims on Amazon (10:44)
  • Understanding what are individual listing suspensions and suppressed listings (17:54)
  • How to proactively prevent suspension on Amazon (21:37)
  • Making sure that you and your customer service staff are well trained on Amazon policies (27:36)
  • Proactively contacting Amazon Seller Performance to explain when facing a problem and explaining how you are solving the problem (32:21)
  • Creating a successful reinstatement request to Amazon with a four step plan of action (36:50)
  • The best way and format to submit your appeal (48:15)
  • Creating multiple market places to have a diversified strategy to lift pressure off one platform (56:07)

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