“When you’re in a physical store, you can pick up the product, you can look at it, you can turn it around, you can play with it, and that helps you determine whether or not you want to purchase it along with other things like price and you know, other needs. But online, you don’t have that. What do you have? You have pictures primarily, but as people look at and they see video, they’re able to visualize the product a lot more and it really helps them.” Tim Hughes

In this episode, Product Labs co-founder Tim Hughes and I discuss the importance of video, how video can be used to increase conversion rates, reduce customer returns and negative product reviews and help educate customers as to the unique value propositions of your products on Amazon.

Video indeed is powerful. It has been found that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80 per cent. A university professor has stated: “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video’s worth over a million words.”

We talk about the three most effective types of video – customer testimonials, tutorial videos, and demonstration videos.

We also talk about AMZ Product Video, which was a partner of Product Labs – how that developed, how that got started and what the primary focus is, and also about the main benefit that it offers to brand owners, private labels, and businesses selling on Amazon. In fact, they even offer full scale video production.

When people understand the product better, when they understand the features and the benefits, they’re more likely to purchase. So that’s going to increase conversion rate. And video is one big step forward in this direction.

Ultimately, a person is looking to solve a problem or looking to solve a need and that’s what you want to do in that video…

Key Takeaways

  • The exact reason why the people at Amazon are pushing video (2:28)
  • The three most effective types of video (3:16)
  • How AMZ Product Video developed, and what all it offers (7:13)
  • A couple of different ways that sellers can use their video (10:26)
  • With the added video, people understand the product better… (14:01)
  • Full scale video production offered by AMZ Product Video (20:57)
  • A video explaining the features and the benefits is so powerful… (23:16)
  • You’ve got to have a high quality video (24:02)
  • Amazon’s big thing is relevance (27:59)
  • The thumbnail image: do’s & don’ts and best practices (28:36)
  • Giving enough info for the customer to make the purchase decision (32:18)
  • Be aware of the feedback that comes in (37:12)
  • Highlight the positive and then address the negative (39:13)

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