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The Amazon Course for Brands, Manufacturers & Private Label Sellers

Whether you’re a new seller or advanced, everyone is looking for an edge to grow their Amazon sales and beat their competition. We provide the latest tips, resources, tools and insights to take your Amazon business to the next level.

Marketplace Seller Courses Features

Our online courses are always available to train you or your staff. With a one-time purchase you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be following the latest best practices, while keeping in line with Amazon policy. With this course you’ll become an expert at:

  • Optimizing Listings

  • Launching New Products

  • Seller Account Health

  • Winning the Buy Box

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Fulfillment Options

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Stopping Hijackers

  • Getting Product Reviews

  • Avoiding Suspension

Amazon Course

What You Get

Here’s what you’ll get access to when you purchase our online courses:

  • Course Videos

  • Online Articles

  • PDF Downloads

  • Software/Resources

  • Amazon Updates

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Q&A Section

Brands That Trust Us

Amazon Courses

Intro to Amazon

  • Amazon Overview
  • Fulfillment Options & Fees
  • Initial Investment
  • Market Research

Storefront Setup

  • Customizing your Amazon Storefront
  • Maintaining Seller Account Health
  • Automate Amazon Seller Feedback

Optimizing Listings

  • Discoverability, Rankability & Buyability
  • Creating Successful Product Listings
  • How to Analyze Listing Optimization

Launching Products

  • Successful Launch Strategies
  • Creating Amazon Campaigns
  • Getting Product Reviews
  • Driving External Traffic

Seller Issues

  • Enforcing Product Distribution
  • Counterfeit Issues on Amazon
  • Trademark and Copyright issues

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About Marketplace Seller Courses

Shannon Roddy
Shannon RoddyAmazon Specialist

Marketplace Seller Courses was created by Entrepreneur and eCommerce Consultant Shannon Roddy in 2015. Shannon has worked with over 50 brands, manufacturers and private labels to setup, optimize and launch their products on Amazon. The course was built on 5+ years of Amazon consulting knowledge that helped launch over 18 #1 New Releases, 4 #1 Best Sellers and 15 Amazon Choice Products.

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Shannon is really easy to follow and understand. He goes at a steady pace – not too fast or too slow. He really understands how to make solid listings on Amazon and how to optimize them for the most impact and sales. I highly recommend his course!”

Cynthia, rengöra

“I tell anyone if they have anything to do with selling or even are considering to sell on Amazon, they need to go through this course FIRST. This is the type of information that can save you TIME and MONEY because it cost other people and companies TIME and MONEY.”


“Shannon helps navigate you through the inner workings of Amazon and has been an excellent resource to help us increase our Amazon sales 200% in less than 3 months! I would highly recommend Shannon and Marketplace Seller Courses for any business wishing to increase their Amazon presence.”

Dale Malone, Klik Belts

“Utilizing Shannon Roddy, Amazon Specialist, made the different between success and failure with our Amazon launch. Navigating the Amazon world with a mature brand required a significant amount of clean up and optimization and we couldn’t be happier with the service and intelligence that Shannon has provided to our brand in such a short amount of time. The results have been outstanding!”

Robin Behar, Table-Mate