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Hi, I’m Shannon Roddy. When I first started working with companies selling on Amazon I didn’t know a thing. Over the past 7 years, I’ve built a repertoire of helpful tools, strategies, resources and information that help you learn how to effectively launch, grow and protect your sales on Amazon. I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you so that you can build your business on Amazon successfully as well.

Amazon Course


Amazon Seller Courses

Amazon Seller Courses

If you’re looking to learn the expert strategies, Amazon seller tools and resources to grow your business on Amazon at your own pace, on any device, and available 24-7 our courses are what you’ve been looking for. So many entrepreneurs end up with bits and pieces of information they’ve gleaned over time without ever getting true insight into what makes Amazon tick. Click the link below to learn more about our Amazon Seller Courses.

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Amazon Seller Consultant

We find that most entrepreneurs are making decisions about Amazon based on lack of information, partial information or bad information. The biggest most sellers face is not being able to talk with someone and get the real answers they need. Whether it’s high level strategy, a specific problem you’re trying to solve or just a listing or account analysis you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with our dedicated Amazon Seller Consulting. Available for on-site or virtual training for brands, agencies or individuals.

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Amazon Seller Coaching
Amazon Keynote Speaker

Amazon Keynote Speaker

As an Amazon Keynote Speaker and eCommerce Consultant I’ve worked with over 85 brands, manufacturers and private labels to setup, optimize and launch their products on Amazon. I’ve successfully helped launch over 23 #1 New Releases, 4 #1 Best Sellers and 29 Amazon Choice Products. If you’re looking for an Amazon expert for your next event, podcast or radio show, you’ve come to the right place.

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Amazon Seller Tools

In order to successfully grow and build your business on Amazon effectively, you’re going to need to use Amazon Seller Tools. The question becomes, which ones? There’s so many to choose from with different ones coming out all the time that it can be oftentimes overwhelming and time consuming for sellers to identify which ones are the best. Check out our list and get our #1 recommendations for key Amazon tools to help your business grow.

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Amazon Seller Tools


“Shannon knows the ins and outs of doing business on Amazon like no one else I’ve ever met before. His expert advice has saved me many hours of headache and frustration.”

Nadia Khan, Wabry

“Shannon has been instrumental in helping onboard our agency team members to the Amazon ecosystem. He is flexible, accessible, and consistent—all things I value highly in a partner—and the resources he brings to the table are second to none.”

Matthew Vick, TribalVision

“I am a raving fan of Shannon Roddy for several reasons. He is responsive, honors his word, and knows Amazon very well. In a short period of time he gave me valuable information that resulted in immediate results. Men like him are rare and I am a raving fan, thank you!”

William Hogarty, Keto FiTness Meals

“Shannon helps navigate you through the inner workings of Amazon and has been an excellent resource to help us increase our Amazon sales 200% in less than 3 months! I would highly recommend Shannon and Marketplace Seller Courses for any business wishing to increase their Amazon presence.”

Dale Malone, Klik Belts

“Utilizing Shannon Roddy, Amazon Specialist, made the different between success and failure with our Amazon launch. Navigating the Amazon world with a mature brand required a significant amount of clean up and optimization and we couldn’t be happier with the service and intelligence that Shannon has provided to our brand in such a short amount of time. The results have been outstanding!”

Robin Behar, Table-Mate