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Brands & Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer and looking to list your products, take control of existing listings on Amazon or increase your online sales, this course was designed just for you.

Private Label

Companies or individuals offering high quality Private Label products in a niche category have an incredible opportunity to create a successful Amazon Storefront.

Authorized Retailers

If you’re an authorized retailer with exclusive distribution of a product or line of products in the US, we’ve got everything you need to get started selling on Amazon.

“I tell anyone if they have anything to do with selling or even are considering to sell on Amazon, they need to go through this seminar FIRST. This is the type of information that can save you TIME and MONEY.”


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What This Course Covers

Optimize Your Product Listings

Learn the essentials of Amazon SEO and the fundamentals of Amazon’s A9 search, creating the optimal listing to increase product discoverability.

Enhance Your Conversion Rates

Learn the steps to analyze your current listings and increase your conversion rate by optimizing product titles, features, photos and product reviews.

Increase Your Amazon Sales

Once you’ve learned product discoverability and buyability, increase your sales by creating product variations, bundles and winning the buy box.

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Content Value

We offer core and fundamental solutions and insights into the Amazon marketplace that will help you make the most informed decisions and utilize Amazon best practices.

Legitimate Resources

We provide reliable information and proven strategy for manufacturers, private label, authorized resellers and emerging brands that keep you inline with Amazon policy.

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied with our product, just request a refund within 30 days of your purchase and we will gladly refund your order.

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How to Sell on Amazon

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The Experts

Shannon Roddy

Amazon Specialist

For the past six years Shannon has worked with dozens of companies and manufacturers to setup their Amazon accounts and to optimize and launch their products. He designed this course to create incredible resources and information for Amazon sellers.

Lou Nicolaides

Marketing Specialist

A creative marketing and communications strategist with over two decades of experience in specialty foods, branding and Marketing, Lou has worked on all aspects of Amazon storefront creation and optimization with a track record of generating revenue through insight-driven innovative, strategic planning & project management.


“Marketplace Seller Courses graciously helped revamp and reinvent the Mazzolini Record Clamp Listing. Mazzolini Design now has a five star rating on Amazon and we are becoming more and more successful in our sales.”


“I had been selling FBA for two years, but I definitely needed help with optimizing my listings. The seminar was not only tremendously helpful and informative, but I also learned about things that I didn’t even know existed!”


“I realized how much opportunity there is to maximize the Amazon seller experience and further, how much I haven’t tapped into yet.”