“Follow Amazon but then make it as the policy is liberal as you can because that’s going to be ultimately the best customer experience.” Tygh Walters

In this episode, I am joined by Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar of SellerSmile as we talk about the importance of providing a superior customer service experience on Amazon in order to engage customers and increase sales.

We go on to discuss specific aspects of customer service as they relate to Amazon, including warranties, satisfaction guarantees and Amazon’s stringent requirements for sellers. In addition, we cover best practices on the use of feedback emails, buyer seller messaging, product inserts plus expert tips on how to decrease returns and negative product reviews using videos.

In my experience, one of the reasons why customer service is so important is it directly impacts your seller rating and all of your seller account health metrics impact number one, your ability to win the buy box if you happen to be in competition with other sellers. Beyond that, it simply builds brand equity. It builds consumer confidence.

So stay tuned as we delve into aspects of creating a sales boosting Amazon customer service experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Why customer service is so important (3:34)
  • Creating a strong customer service experience and what that looks like (8:09)
  • Importance of the seller bio; best practices for creating a great seller bio (13:35)
  • Warranties and satisfaction guarantees (18:28)
  • Why feedback emails are important; some best practices (24:33)
  • Adding a product video to your detail page (29:21)
  • The Amazon product inserts (33:10)
  • Buyer-seller messaging (39:25)
  • An important reason to outsource some of your customer service (42:15)
  • Even as you want emails to be unique to the customer, use templates (43:56)
  • Personalize the feedback emails as well as customer service emails (45:07)
  • Customer service best practices as a whole in general (46:35)
  • Dealing with a negative product review in the seller feedback (56:09)
  • Responding to the seller feedback and the product reviews is helpful (58:07)
  • Some of what SellerSmile does (1:03:17)

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