About Shannon Roddy

Shannon has worked with over 60 companies and manufacturers to setup their Amazon accounts and to optimize and launch their products. Utilizing the principles in this course he has helped launch over 18 #1 New Releases, 15 Amazon Choice Products and 4 #1 Best Sellers. He designed this course to create incredible resources and information for both beginner and advanced Amazon sellers.

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

Amazon Brand Registry can be a vital part of your business. As a manufacturer, you have the capacity to register your brand with and gain control of your product listings. With the roll-out of Brand Registry 2.0 there are now a whole new slate of benefits and features to [...]

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UPC Codes for Amazon

If you're like many small startup manufacturers or entrepreneurs, you've needed to ask yourself the obvious question when deciding to sell on Where should I get my UPC codes for Amazon? The ultimate answer is GS1, the official distributor for UPC codes in the United states. Get Started | Apply for [...]

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