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“Why it’s important to get a GS1 issued prefix is because we take that prefix and the actual brand owner and we share that with a lot of retailers and a lot of marketplace platforms. And such because there is a validation of does this brand owner truly own that GTIN? And it starts with that prefix licensee.” Michelle Covey

GS1 is a global standards organization that helps companies with standardization of identifying locations, assets, products. They help bring companies together to develop and adopt standards and best practices in different industries. This helps these companies gain efficiencies in the global supply chain.

We dive deep into how UPC (Universal Product Code) barcodes are created, and why it is very important to have them. A brand needs to license a company prefix from GS1 that will be used to identify the company. GS1 takes the prefix and the brand and shares this number with numerous retailers and marketplace platforms. It is very important to get valid prefixes from GS1 and not any other sources.

Amazon verifies GTIN’s (Global Trade Item Numbers) through the GTIN Authority Program where GS1 US and other GS1 global members provide information about GTINs against brand licensee names. They do this to ensure sellers are not hijacking other brand owners. It is essentially for brand protection.

Listen in as we discuss these topics and much more on the importance of GS1 UPCs.

Key Takeaways

  • What is GS1 and what do they do (03:15)
  • What are GTINs and how are they used in global supply chains? (08:00)
  • How the UPC barcode is created (09:59)
  • Why a brand needs to directly license their GTINs from GS1 (12:52)
  • How GTINs are assigned and the best strategy to plan for expansion of your product line (19:20)
  • How Amazon verifies GTINs through the GTIN Authority Program (26:44)
  • Using GTINs for multipacks and product variations on Amazon (29:13)
  • UPC exemption on Amazon and why it is not a good idea (34:12)
  • Using your GS1 US issues UPC to trade in global marketplaces (40:00)

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