If you’re looking to add some style to your Amazon Product page, html tags can be a great way to help text stand out and keep from being cluttered.

Unfortunately, Amazon not only does not provide support for html, they don’t provide customers with a list of allowed html tags. Not to worry. Using trial and error and a little bit of sophisticated experimentation, I have found that the following html tags can be used in your Product Description without getting stripped away by their content editor. Note that Amazon only allows 2000 bytes of data, about 300 words, or 1,900 characters w/spaces.

This allows you to go from a mundane block of text for your product description that’s difficult and overwhelming to read:

Product description

Size: 1-Pack W/Cap, 1 Gallon

Hydra Pearl Hand Sanitizer Gel is made in Columbia, Missouri, USA by PlasmaDent Inc. Our company makes medical and dental products and we believe we can provide a better life for all through innovation. Our unique hand sanitizer kills germs with an effective 70% ethyl alcohol concentration. To keep your hands from drying out, our formula contains the perfect amount of glycerin, but not so much you have slippery hands afterwards. Unlike other ethyl alcohol sanitizers on the market with overpowering, unwanted aromas, our product has a clean alcohol smell. Our ethanol is supplied from a cutting-edge USA manufacturer.

To an enhanced HTML product description that beautifully illustrates your products uses and benefits:

Product description

Size: 2 Pack

Anti-Dis Pro Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Proper hand hygiene is crucial to reduce the spread of germs, but sometimes soap and water aren’t readily available.

Anti-Dis Pro has everything you need to keep your hands clean and healthy, and a look that’ll suit any space:

    • Ethyl alcohol based formula destroys germs on contact
    • Aloe vera, calendula, and chamomile moisturize and soothe skin
    • Eye-catching bottle can be elegantly displayed
    • Pump design cleanly & easily dispenses hand sanitizer

With Anti-Dis Pro you can confidently say: Not Today, Germs, Not Today.

Text Formatting Allowed in Amazon Descriptions

To insert a basic html for text formatting, simply hover over the html code and select “Copy to Clipboard” and edit the text as desired:

This is an example of BOLD Text

Copy to Clipboard

This is an example of ITALICIZED Text

Copy to Clipboard

Bullet Points in Amazon Descriptions

Ordered and Unordered Lists

To insert a basic html for html lists, simply hover over the html code and select “Copy to Clipboard” and edit the text as desired:

This is an example of an Ordered List:

  1. List Item One
  2. List Item Two
  3. List Item Three
Copy to Clipboard

This is an example of a Bulleted / Unordered List:

  • List Item One
  • List Item Two
  • List Item Three
Copy to Clipboard

Paragraphs and Line Breaks in Amazon Descriptions

To insert a basic html for paragraphs and line breaks, simply hover over the html code and select “Copy to Clipboard” and edit the text as desired. Note how the Paragraph tag will create two line breaks after the paragraph, whereas a line break will only create one. It will often use less code to use line breaks and therefore give you more space for text in the description.

This is an example of a Paragraph

This is an example of a Second Paragraph

Copy to Clipboard

This is an example of a Line Break
This is the sentence after a Line Break

Copy to Clipboard

Copyright and Trademark Symbols in Amazon Descriptions

While it is not recommended or necessary it is possible to use the following copyright and trademark symbols in either Amazon Product Features or Descriptions. The reason this is discouraged is if you use a Trademark symbol after your brand: Acme™ and a customer searches “Acme” Amazon’s A9 algorithm will not separate the symbol from the text and the customer will not easily be able to find your product. Copyright ownership is inherent, but it is possible to register your images and copy with the US Copyright Office. Trademark logos for your brand can be included in additional product images.

HTML Styles & Images No Longer Allowed in Amazon Descriptions

Amazon recently completed an update restricting paragraph styles which allowed users to customize text color and add background images.

If you attempt to add any of the characters or html listed below you may get an error that states:

Amazon Product Description Invalid HTML

As of now, this code is no longer accepted. The following html, characters and symbols are currently restricted in Amazon Product Descriptions.

Colored Text

Centered Text

Size 10 Font

Arial Text

Adding A+ Content Product Descriptions

Previously, Amazon restricted the ability to add beautiful A+ Content to Vendor Central sellers who sold directly to Amazon, but now A+ content can be added in Seller Central once you apply for and receive approval for Amazon Brand Registry. This has helped level the playing field and make Seller Central an even more appealing platform for many brands.

For brands selling on Amazon who do not yet have a registered trademark, we recommend using Amazon’s new IP Accelerator to register your trademark which can accelerate access to Amazon Brand Registry to just a few weeks, instead of the traditional 9-12 months to register a Trademark and wait for approval. In the meantime, using HTML tags can be very helpful for making a product description stand out and easier to read for your potential customers.