Amazon Brand Registry can be a vital part of your business. As a manufacturer, you have the capacity to register your brand with and gain control of your product listings. With the roll-out of Brand Registry there are now a whole new slate of benefits and features to this unique program for registered brands.

Due to the unique way that Amazon is setup (using complex algorithms that compile product data from multiple sellers), it can be easy for product information to get distorted or in some cases result in product information being listed completely wrong. Amazon Brand Registry allows you, the manufacturer, to take control of your product listings and verify that the most accurate and up-to-date information is listed and available. Amazon Brand Registry can also be especially useful if you have multiple retailers selling your products online.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Previously Amazon required things like an e-commerce website and other validating elements to show ownership, but as of the roll out for Brand Registry Amazon now requires a fully registered trademark in order to apply. It is recommended that you use your primary Amazon Seller Central account login email to apply for Brand Registry.

Those who previously applied for brand registry will have access to most of the same benefits except the new report a violation tool. However, the new brand registry does offer several benefits including the ability to easily register multiple brands under a single account. Not that UK sellers will need to register their brand registry separately as brand registry on one Amazon Marketplace does not carry over to others.

Who is Brand Registry For?

Brand Registry is for any Amazon Seller with a Brand that has an actively Registered Trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Note that Amazon is denying sellers the ability to register on behalf of a brand owner. Instead, you will need to have the brand create a brand registry account and enroll their brand and then assign those rights to you. If you’re registering your own brand, you can find your Registration number easily by searching the USPTO Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).

  1. Select Basic Word Mark Search (New User)
  2. Select “Live” and enter your Brand Name in “Search Term”
  3. Select “Submit Query” and select your active Trademark
  4. Use the Registration Number found on your Trademark Page

What are the Benefits of Brand Registry?

There are several benefits brand registry for brands who have not yet applied. The primary benefit is detail page control for every product on Amazon that is listed under your brand. Note however that contributions from the retail department or vendor central can currently override brand registry. (See our webinar on Vendor Central versus Seller Central for more information.)

A. Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced brand content is available for Brand registered owners that provides a more robust overlay onto the traditional text description. And handspring content allows you to add photos, text, bullets in a much more elegant layout giving you the ability to provide more content to your product descriptions and enhance the customer experience. This can also be essential for branding and has shown an average conversion rate increase of 12% to 15%, with some sellers as high as 20%. Learn more in our article on Enhanced Brand Content.

B. Amazon Stores (“Amazon Storefronts”)

Amazon recently enabled the option for branded Amazon Stores (formerly “Amazon Storefronts”). This enables any customer who clicks on a products brand name to be taken to a custom brand page designed by the brand owner. Formerly a customer would be taken to a search results page that could include duplicate listings or other seemingly unrelated products. With Amazon store fronts, your brand owner cannot create a single or multiple brand pages adding product links, photos, text and even video in an easy drag-and-drop format.

C. Brand Ads

Previously only available to vendor central sellers, Brand Ads (formerly “headline search ads”) are now available for brands with brand registry. Brand Ads allow you to add single line of text that shows up to the left of the ad, along with three products that get priority placement at the top of the search results landing page. Due to the exclusivity and it’s recent introduction (most brand owners aren’t yet aware of the opportunity), competition tends to be much lower with ACoS values ranging from 1% – 3% for highly branded products.

Amazon Headline Ads

D. Report a Violation Tool

One of the newest tools Amazon has added to brand owners arsenal is that of the bay to report a violation tool. This unique back and tool allows brand owners to search by brand, trademark or product name and find all results within the Amazon system, including those that have been previously archived and no longer have active seller listings. In addition, sellers can also upload product images to search for other listings that are using the same or similar images and might be violating their Copyright. Sellers are then able to quickly file copyright and trademark infringement‘s against multiple listings using the tool.

How do I Apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

In order to get started, you’ll need to log into your Amazon Seller central account using your primary login email. From there click the link below and follow the steps as outlined. There are two components to brand registry to point out. The first is creating and validating your seller information, and the second is enrolling your brand(s). Amazon has stated that the more data that brands provide, the more Amazon can use that information to automate protections on the brands behalf to remove potential counterfeit listing updates before they are live.

Sign Up for Brand Registry

Apply for Amazon Brand Registry

1) Creating a Brand Registry Account

To create and validate your Brand Registry account, you will need to perform the following:

  • Enter Corporate/legal information
  • Verify identity via SMS/Text
  • Accept the Brand Registry Terms & Conditions

Click “Save

Brand Registry 2.0 Account Creation

That will complete your Account Verification. Next you must enroll each brand separately following the steps below.

Enroll a New Brand

2) Enrolling Your Brand(s) In Brand Registry

There are four steps you must complete to enroll each new brand into Brand Registry:

1) Brand Eligibility

2) Intellectual Property

Character Mark (Text)/Design Mark (Image)

3) Characteristics

Submit Application

The entire process takes approximately 15 minutes to submit online, with an average waiting time from 2 days up to 2 weeks (10 business days) for Amazon to complete the brand registry.

Trademark Verification

Once you submit the application, Amazon will send a verification code to the contact for the registered trademark as designated by the USPTO (or selected trademark office). You should reach out to the registered contact (typically the filing attorney or company) and let them know they should be expecting the following email and ask them to forward it to you as soon as it is received. You will receive the following email from Amazon Brand Registry Support:

Amazon Brand Registry Support will then send the following email to the Trademark Contact:

Once you have received the verification code, login to Seller Central, View your Case Log and enter the Case ID from the first email and select Go. Select the View or Respond next to the case, then select Reply and paste the Verification Code from the email into the case and select Send. Brand Registry will typically be completed within 1-2 business days after the verification code has been received by Amazon Brand Registry Support.

How to Add Brand Registry To Global Marketplaces

Once your brand has been approved for the Brand Registry in your primary marketplace, the brand name is claimed for all Marketplaces. However, Brands will still need to provide a trademark for each new Amazon Marketplace in order to enforce trademark rights. Adding additional trademarks for other countries can be done via Brand Registry Support instead of submitting a new application. In Brand Registry click, Brand Registry Support and under Update Brand Profile select Add Additional Trademarks which will bring you to the screen below. You can now add your registered trademark for multiple countries.

How to Activate or Enable Brand Registry

Even if you have your products listed and achieve Brand Registry you may still need to activate it for your products. The most common reason for this is if you signed up for Brand Registry and selected a brand activation method such as UPC code, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) or Catalog Number. You can check this by going to Reports – Business Reports – Brand Performance. ASIN’s listed here have been actively enrolled in Brand Registry. If you do not see any or all of your products listed in the Brand Performance you will need to do a partial update using the UPC code, manufacturer part number or catalog number. To accomplish this easily, activate the Category Listing Report, download for the category your brand is listed in and remove all data except the required data and the activation method and do a partial update using a flat file template.

Assigning Brand Registry Rights

Brand Registry offers a unique benefit, the ability to assign rights of Brand Registry to additional Sellers or Brand Managers. All of the rights can be assigned including:

  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Amazon Storefronts
  • Headline Search Ads
  • Report a Violation Tool

Amazon explains this process on their Brand Services page:

“Once a Brand Registry account is created, the user who registered the brand and/or the user that has been designated as the Administrator may submit a request to add additional users to the account, including agents. Each individual must create an Amazon Brand Registry user account and accept the Amazon Brand Registry Terms and Conditions before the Administrator can assign roles to additional user accounts. New user accounts can be created by clicking on the Get Started link below and entering the individual user’s existing vendor or seller credentials, or creating a new user account.”

This can be helpful for allowing an Agent or Attorney for example to register a Brand Registry account and be assigned the rights to file trademark infringements on the brands behalf. It can also be helpful to assign to a single seller who will be responsible for managing the brand on Amazon. It’s important to note that the simplest feature to assign is the Report a Violation Tool since it can be assigned to anyone with Brand Registry account whereas the creative elements can be a bit more difficult since they can only be assigned to one seller at a time.

To Assign Brand Registry:

  • Click on the “Brand Registry Support” link on the Brand Registry dashboard
  • Select the “Update your brand profile” drop down
  • Click on “Update role for user account”
  • Complete the form provided, indicating:
    • User account’s email address or phone number for mobile accounts
    • Brand(s) relevant to this request
    • Role for that user account

Brand Registry Assign Additional Rights

Issues Assigning Amazon Storefront

Since the Brand Registry department and the Amazon Storefront departments are separate some sellers have experienced the following issue after registering for Brand Registry or assigning rights to a specific seller.

No Access to Brand

If you experience this issue you can contact the HSA/Stores team and request that their technical team enable/fix the storefront issue for your account so that the storefront is available to you or the seller you assigned. To do this select Get Support – Advertising and Stores issue – Stores – Basic Settings – Other Issues.