Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry can be a vital part of your business. As a manufacturer, you have the capacity to register your brand with and gain control of your product listings.

Due to the unique way that Amazon is setup (using complex algorithms that compile product data from multiple sellers), it can be easy for product information to get distorted or in some cases result in product information being listed completely wrong. Amazon Brand Registry allows you, the manufacturer, to take control of your product listings and verify that the most accurate and up-to-date information is listed and available.

Amazon Brand Registry can also be especially useful if you have multiple retailers selling your products online.

Amazon Brand Registry information includes:

  • Trademark Registration (if available)
  • Manufacturer’s website to verify information
  • Company information
  • Listing information (how you plan to update)
  • Product Information (UPCs, EAN’s & SKU’s)

The entire process takes approximately 15 minutes to submit online, with an average waiting time of about 2 weeks (10 business days) for Amazon to complete the brand registry. If you’re interested in learning more about Amazon Brand Registration view our Product Detail Pages in Setting Up your Amazon Storefront.

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