“Make sure you’re set up from the very beginning to get positive reviews by making sure your listings are optimized and correct.” Liz Fickenscher

We begin this exciting episode by looking at the history of product reviews. Liz takes us way back to 1995 when Amazon started allowing product reviews by customers. We track the many changes that have occurred since then up to today. One important point to note is that product reviews are the lifeline of a brand on Amazon. They either break you or make you.

We look at ratings and reviews and why verified purchase reviews weigh more than unverified reviews. We also have an in-depth look at the differences between product reviews and seller feedback. A key takeaway here is that the quality of reviews is much more important than the quantity of reviews.

We talk about why you should avoid all forms of review manipulation. There are many attempts such as variation abuse, soliciting for positive reviews, asking for reviews from family, friends, and employees, and many more. You should stick by the rules in what I call legitimacy for longevity.

Negative seller feedback can really affect a brand. How you deal with it is very important. We tackle this topic and offer some good advice n how to go about it without violating any rules. If you verify that the feedback comes from a genuine purchaser, you can try solving their problem then go through the feedback removal mechanism to remove it. For product reviews, t you can only respond in line and you should not ask for their removal.

Key Takeaways

  • The history of Amazon product reviews from 1995 to 2020 (7:30)
  • Ratings versus reviews on how each of them affects your brand (10:17)
  • Why a verified purchase review weighs more than an unverified purchase review (11:30)
  • Differences between products reviews and seller feedback (12:34)
  • Always play by the rules when it comes to product reviews. You can’t fool the system (21:47)
  • Why you should avoid any form of review manipulation and stick to legitimacy for longevity (31:10)
  • The things that trigger buyer-seller messaging restrictions (39:38
  • How can a brand deal with negative seller feedback (48:58)
  • How to get more and positive product reviews (59:39)
  • Feedback five and how it automates the request feedback process (1:01:23)

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