“So that’s where PickFu shines in being able to help you get data off the platform before you go into production so that you have more confidence in the decision you’re gonna make.” Justin Chen

To be successful on Amazon and any other platform and grow your business, you have to analyze data to make the best decisions. Without data and constant testing, you cannot grow your brand. Justin explains why data-driven decision making is the only way to go for brands and how PickFu works in analyzing data.

We talk about how PickFu is easy to use with its poll format and all the things you could test. Demographics and behavioral patterns are very important in refining your target audience. Product titles, images, product features, videos, copy and even packaging are other factors that you can test. The data you get from this testing will help you make better decisions for your brand.

With more than 50% of all eCommerce going through Amazon, brands need to spend more time and money on the platform. It is worth the effort, especially during setup. If you do it right from the start and dedicate enough time, you’ll experience increasing revenues each month. Don’t wait to use data once you are live and making sales. Use data right from the product conceptualization stage and set up on every small detail.

Tune in to listen to this and much about using data and A/B testing to grow your brand on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

  • How to leverage data to be successful on Amazon and grow your brand (3:18)
  • Why data is the most valuable resource in the world right now (8:34)
  • How PickFu works by helping you refine your potential target audience based on demographic and behavioral patterns (9:23)
  • When should a brand begin using PickFu to test and analyze data (14:45)
  • The risks of doing live split testing on an Amazon listing (21:05)
  • Testing product titles, product images, product features, packaging, and videos using PickFu (25:31)
  • Making sure that all your images on Amazon are mobile-friendly (33:08)
  • The challenges of live testing A+ content and how PickFu makes it more reliable (36:15)
  • A/B testing emails, subject lines, and email layouts to improve open rates (43:34)
  • How to run brand ads and testing to see which copy grabs people’s attention (47:45)
  • Why you should not test too many variations at once (57:10)

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