“In the absence of virality, which is 99.99% of everybody on the internet, you use a personal connection. And the reason I really tell that is because again, going back to the human traits, people make decisions when they’re emotional, plain and simple. You have to get someone emotional before they’re going to feel like they can make a decision good or bad.” Jun Harada

In this episode, we are going to talk about the importance of social media, how to build a following and how to monetize the following as it relates to Amazon. Social media play an important role in connecting with your audience. The modern-day social media user engages with their favorite brands consistently and expects the brands to be not only transparent but available. The key aspect to remember when engaging with your constituency on social media is the human aspect behind social media. To market successfully, you have to evoke emotions.

To build a social media following, you have to build trust. To build trust, you have to be authentic and consistent in your communication. Without consistency, there cannot be trust.

We also talk about how to build a relationship with your audience by engaging with them in a personal way. This creates a personal connection that drives an emotional response. Personal relationships turn your followers into your advocates.

We delve deeper into how you should always respect your social media audience. The best way to show this respect is by only pitching to them something that will genuinely make their lives better. This connects with the earlier point about being authentic and building trust.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance and role of social media today (0:53)
  • Authentic communication across social media (6:55)
  • Focusing on human traits over digital traits in your social media interactions (9:16)
  • Consistent engagement builds trust (10:15)
  • How to build a following (16:52)
  • Nurturing personal relationships with your social media followers (21:59)
  • Importance of building brand equity (30:18)
  • How the social audience can be leveraged for Amazon (41:48)
  • Leveraging a small part of your audience to make a difference for Amazon (54:34)

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