“Smaller brands actually look at this and say, Okay, these bigger brands are slow, they’re going to be slow. So the advantage here is to take a look at this list, pick the pieces that make the most sense that maybe the big companies are not doing and you can have the advantage out the gate if you do some of these things.” Daniela Bolzmann

In this episode, Daniela and I talk about how to use the different elements in Amazon to attract and engage with customers and ultimately turn them into fans. Daniela takes us through her proven method of branding and building a successful brand on Amazon. 

We talk about how important it is to diversify your revenue. Amazon should not make more than 50% of your revenue. This should be reflected in your branding as well. Amazon is just one way to reach your customers. 

Daniella takes through the six things her BUY NOW method focusses on which are Building trust, Being unforgettable, Understanding your unique why, answering all questions and optimizing and winning back customers. 

We go on and talk about building trust on Amazon. How can potential customers trust you? Your listing should answer all their potential questions about your product. Having credibility enhancers in the form of standard or branded icons which set you apart from your competition. Having a more authentic listing that has some personality not just a generic corporate copy helps build trust and also helps your brand become unforgettable on Amazon.

Understanding your ‘Why’ is important in Amazon. Customers will sense a product which is a copy of other products. Understanding your Why helps you create a cool brand story and why it is important to do what you do. This helps build trust. 

We get to talk about leaving no questions unanswered. In your Amazon listing, you should anticipate all questions a potential customer might have and answer all of them. If a customer has all their questions answered, they’ll just click and buy. From product reviews and seller feedback, you are aware of all questions likely to be asked, answer them in the listing.

Key Takeaways

  • Your brand is not what you say it is, Your brand is what people say when you leave the room (5:09)
  • Understanding the role Amazon plays into your overall branding big picture (7:15)
  • Building trust on your Amazon listing an answering all potential questions (14:04)
  • Creating an unforgettable listing, by being firm on what you stand for even if it is polarizing (25:06)
  • Understanding your Why and its importance in Amazon (28:05)
  • What do you stand for as a brand, what are your values and beliefs. Who are the humans behind the brand? (32:49)
  • Customers click and buy when all their questions are answered in the listing (34:44)
  • Optimizing your Amazon listing to improve your discoverability (44:37)

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