Amazon Sellers are always looking for that little extra in order to give their products an edge. We’ve got some great strategy and resources that we recommend to any seller looking to launch a new product, boost an existing product or gain seller feedback.

Amazon Seller Resources

If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon, check out our Amazon Seller Resources below.

Amazon Seller & Product Reviews

Gaining Seller and Product Feedback are two of the most important things you can do in order to increase sales and gain customer trust. With an automated and integrated email feedback system you can automatically create simple and easy to design emails that go out after every order to ensure that your customers have an opportunity to rate and review the product that they’re purchasing as well as you as a seller. To get started simply click “Sign up for Feedback Genius” and be on your way to more product reviews and better sales.


How to Write Feedback Emails to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Gaining product feedback is one of the most important follow ups you can make after a customer buys your product on Amazon. Learn the tips and best practices for writing subjects lines, emails and when to send to get the highest response rate. Click the “Purchase e-Book” button to purchase the e-Book. Use Coupon Code: review10


How to Write Amazon Titles, Bullets & Descriptions

If you’re ready to list your products but just don’t know what to say, this is a great resource to give you step-by-step instructions on how to write optimized Titles, Product Features (Bullet Points) and Descriptions for your Amazon listings. Click the “Purchase e-Book” button to purchase the e-Book.


Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to optimizing your product listings and keyword search terms. SEM Rush provides quality keyword research that can be easily applied to the Amazon Platform. Monthly sign up allows you to get all your keyword research done at one time and then easily unsubscribe if keyword research is no longer needed. Click “Sign Up for SEM Rush” to go view their Pro pricing.


Amazon Competitor Search Terms

One of the best ways to increase your products rank and sales is by following the best practices of the leaders. If you’re selling in a category, it’s easy to see what your competitors are doing for titles, product features, descriptions and photos, but what about the back-end search terms that you can’t see? Now you can. With Experts Roundup you can now see the exact search terms of your competitors listings on Amazon. Click “Sign Up for Experts Roundup” to purchase a competitors search term package.


Product Rank Tracking

If you’re looking for a great and simple way to track your products rank for specific keywords on Amazon, AMZ Tracker provides a simple yet robust tool to do just that. In addition, their ASIN analyzer can test your products for on-page optimization to help you increase conversions and sales. Click the “Sign Up for AMZ Tracker” button to sign up for their free trial.


Amazon Product Photography

Professional product photography is one of the most crucial elements when displaying your product in the Amazon marketplace. Upgraded Images offers comprehensive and affordable packages to create high-quality product photos that fit the specific Amazon requirements and specifications. Click the “Visit Upgraded Images” button on your right to view pricing for their Take Me Online™ product photo packages.


Amazon Product Launches

Looking to launch a new product and increase it’s ranking on Amazon? Look no further than Snagshout, the #1 resource to launch new products, get increased product sessions, phenomenal conversion rates and product feedback. Click the “Sign Up for Snagshout” button on your right to get started today!


Amazon Price Tracking

If you’re a manufacturer or seller who wants to see the price trending for products you sell, CamelCamelCamel is an excellent resource allowing you not only to track recent price trends but also receive alerts and notifications when when a product is being sold at a certain price point. Click the “Visit CamelCamelCamel” button to go to the website.


UPC Codes for Amazon

If you’re a manufacturer, private label or simply looking to resell your own Bundles on Amazon, you will likely need legitimate UPC codes (Amazon Brand Registry allows for exemption). Amazon recommends all sellers buy UPC codes directly from GS1 the official UPC Distributor. Click the “Visit GS1.Org” button to visit their website.


Amazon Repricing Solution

Winning the buy box is one of the most essential tasks for any Amazon merchant, but its easy to get caught up in pricing rules trying to beat out the lowest bidder. FeedVisor offers the latest in intelligent self-learning algorithmic repricing for Amazon sellers doing $1m annually on Amazon and Amazon UK. Click the “Sign Up for FeedVisor” button on your right to get started today!

Amazon Marketing Strategy

Niche Products to Sell

No matter how many products flood the market today, there is always the capacity to create high quality niche products that are hard for other sellers to create or get their hands on. Having a quality niche product is probably one of the most important elements to increasing your sales on Amazon, without it, the struggle of competing with other sellers for the same is likely to decrease profit margins and make it difficult to achieve sustainable growth and sales.

Amazon SEO

The most important part of your Amazon Marketing Strategy is the SEO Keyword research that you should do prior to listing your product (however, you can also do it later at any time should you want to optimize existing listings to increase sales). To do this, sign up for SEMrush or a similar high quality SEO keyword research tool. Create a list of all of the keyword phrases that you think could be associated with your product. Plug those keywords and keyword phrases into SEMrush and get the search volume (if there is no search volume you can see other similar phrases and search terms that may apply).

Once you have your list of keywords and search phrases, you’ll want to add them strategically to your product starting with the title, followed by use of the search terms in the products back end. You can also use these search terms in the manual Amazon Campaigns that you run to promote your product.

Whether you’re manufacture, reseller for distributor, many Amazon sellers are looking for ways to increase their sales on Amazon. Below are a handful of suggestions for increasing your Amazon sales.


Add additional products or inventory

  • Consider selling additional inventory either for more niche categories or products with less competition.

Use your storefront URL to drive external traffic

  • Any traffic directed to your product through your storefront URL will automatically win you the buy box.

Be wary of automatic Repricers

  • Many sellers have enlisted the help of automatic repricers that continually low-ball their online Amazon price in an ongoing attempt to win the buy box. The problem is that when multiple sellers for the same listing use these they essentially wind up driving down the price to a fractional margin of profitability.

Gain seller Feedback

  • By using automated feedback tools and providing phenomenal customer support Amazon sellers can increase both their ratings and reviews. This not only makes customers more confident when buying from a seller but can also play a vital role in winning the buy box.


If you sell your own branded products or able to control the detail page you have additional opportunity to optimize listings.

Optimize listings for discoverability

  • Run a report to verify current keyword rankings.
  • Optimize listings with research keyword terms in the title and search terms.

Optimize listings for buyability

  • Run a report to analyze current conversion rates.
  • Optimize images, product features and descriptions to increase conversions.
  • Place variations under a single parent allowing customers to view all products on a single detail page.
  • Fix all active quality alerts for products preventing them from being suppressed and leading to a reduction in sales.

Run automated Amazon campaigns

  • Once listings are fully optimized you can run automated campaigns that will drive increased traffic to any listing you win the buy box for.

Request that unauthorized resellers or MAP violators remove themselves from listings or abide by MAP agreements.

  • The importance of having solid reseller and MAP Agreements in place cannot be understated. It is essential that businesses not only vet and approve the distributors they sell to but also the individual retailers who will ultimately be selling and representing their product.

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