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Amazon Sellers are always looking for that little extra in order to give their products an edge. We’ve got some great strategy and resources that we recommend to any seller looking to launch a new product, boost an existing product or gain seller feedback.

Amazon Seller Resources

If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon, check out our Amazon Seller Resources below.

Amazon Seller & Product Reviews

Gaining Seller and Product Feedback are two of the most important things you can do in order to increase sales and gain customer trust. With an automated and integrated email feedback system you can automatically create simple and easy to design emails that go out after every order to ensure that your customers have an opportunity to rate and review the product that they’re purchasing as well as you as a seller. To get started simply click “Start Feedback Genius Trial” and be on your way to more product reviews and better sales.

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Amazon Seller Notification & Alerts

Are you tired of hijackers jumping on your listing and stealing sales? Do you constantly have to monitor your listings for counterfeiters that create negative reviews on your products or would you simply like to be alerted when any number of changes happen to your listing immediately by email & text? Sign up for AMZ Alert by clicking the “Start AMZ Alert Trial” and gain peace of mind that your storefront is is being monitored 24-7.

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Amazon Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

If you’re a brand or seller on Amazon that’s tired of playing “whack-a-mole” with unknown and unauthorized sellers creating duplicate listings, violating MAP, selling counterfeits or engaging in other infringing activity, you can now get access to state-of-the-art legal and cyber investigation services and their proprietary enforcement software for a monthly fee. To request more information click “CONTACT E-ENFORCE” and put an end to sellers hurting your sales and ruining your brands reputation.

Amazon Unauthorized Seller Enforcement

How to Write Feedback Emails to Get Amazon Product Reviews

Gaining product feedback is one of the most important follow ups you can make after a customer buys your product on Amazon. Learn the tips and best practices for writing subjects lines, emails and when to send to get the highest response rate. Click the “Purchase e-Book” button to purchase the e-Book. Use Coupon Code: review10 to save 10%.

Amazon Review Advantage
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How to Write Amazon Titles, Bullets & Descriptions

If you’re ready to list your products but just don’t know what to say, this is a great resource to give you step-by-step instructions on how to write optimized Titles, Product Features (Bullet Points) and Descriptions for your Amazon listings. Click the “Purchase e-Book” button to purchase the e-Book.

Amazon Product Features Description
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Amazon Suspension Prevention

It’s every Amazon sellers greatest fear. You’re sales are increasing and your building your brand and all of a sudden you get an email that your account has been suspended. Getting reinstated can take hours, days and sometimes weeks. In this book, suspension prevention expert Cynthia Stine provides you with the insight to keep your account in good standing and prevent costly suspensions as well as tips for getting reinstated. A must read for every Amazon seller. Click the “Purchase Book” button to purchase on Amazon.

Amazon Suspension Prevention
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The Amazon Dilemma: Sell TO Amazon or ON Amazon

It’s every Brand Executives ultimate challenge: Your product at some point, is likely to be sold on Amazon, either by yourself, a distributor or reseller. In addition, you have the choice to sell through Seller Central or directly to Amazon via Vendor Central. In this easy read by James Thompson, Ph. D. and Joseph Hansen, you’ll get an Amazon insider’s perspective to this challenge. Click the “Purchase Book” button to purchase the book in paper back or kindle.

Amazon Brand Executive Resource
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Amazon Campaign Management

Managing your Amazon Campaigns can be both costly and time consuming. It can take hours every week depending on your product selection size to pull automated keyword reports, analyze keywords across your Ad Groups and make decisions regarding which keywords to add, which ones to remove and which ones to adjust bids on. Ignite from Seller Labs can make this chore easy be automatically making recommendations for you based on your desired ACoS. Click the “Sign Up for Ignite” button to get started with a free trial.

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Amazon Keyword Research & Rank Tracking

It’s one of the most important aspects to gaining traffic for your listing: finding and utilizing high quality relevant search terms to optimize your product listing. In addition to finding relevant keywords for your products, you can also see what keyword terms your competitors products rank for all while tracking the rank of your product for certain keywords over time. Click “Get Started with Scope” to sign up for an annual plan or try out their Free Chrome extension.

Get Started with Scope

Amazon Product Videos

AMZ Product Videos offers you the opportunity to add videos right to your detail page under the “Related Video Shorts” section. Whether its an un-boxing, customer tesimonial or product comparison, video helps customers see the benefits of your product easily increasing conversion rates and sales. Click “Purchase Your Video Upload” and enter Coupon Code: MARKETSELLER12 at checkout to get a 12.5% Discount off your Video Upload.

Purchase Your Video Upload

Amazon Customer Service

If you’re looking for the most incredible, fully integrated customer service portal, xSellco’s Helpdesk is a must-have software. With Helpdesk you can integrate all of your Amazon accounts (including Europe), plus social media, eCommerce, and more into one place. Utilize automatic translations, snippets, templates, auto-responders and more. Click “Start Your xSellco Free Trial.”

Amazon Customer Service
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Amazon Sales Tax Service

Looking to reduce the headache of figuring out and paying state sales tax for your Amazon store? TaxJar is an all-in-one solution that can automatically import your sales transactions from Amazon, calculate sales tax owed and even file and pay monthly, quarterly or yearly state sales tax for you! Click “Sign Up for TaxJar Free Trial” to start your Free 30 Day Trial.

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Amazon Shipping & Fulfillment

If you’re selling on Amazon and looking to expand to other platforms, ShipStation is a great tool that carries tons of optimized features and integrations with nearly every payment provider, shipping service and platform available. Just add your products and inventory, integrate your channels and shipping providers and add rules to automate the process. You can even use FBA to automatically fulfill eBay, Shopify and other 3rd party marketplace orders. Click “Start Your Free Trial” to begin using ShipStation and simplify your shipping and fulfillment today.

Amazon Shipping and Fulfillment
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Shopify Amazon Integration

If you’re a brand looking for a full eCommerce solution, look no further than the Shopify. Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and with their easy to use Shopify Amazon Integration, you can now list and sync your Amazon and Shopify listings to fulfill all of your orders in one place. Shopify provides easy to use reporting to show where your sales are coming from and will save you tons of time and money when selling on Shopify and Amazon. Click “Start Your Free Trial” to sign up for your Free Trial Shopify Store today.

Shopify Amazon Integration
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Amazon Multi-Channel Inventory & Fulfillment

Marketplace Diversification is essential for any company selling on Amazon, but complexity builds when you need to manage inventory and orders from Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, your Shopify site and other marketplaces. With Skubana, you can easily build kits and bundles, and manage all of your inventory with master SKU’s and one-click integration with tons of marketplaces. Click “Schedule a Demo” to see all of Skubana’s incredible features.

Amazon Multi-Channel Inventory Fulfillment ERP
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Amazon Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to optimizing your product listings and keyword search terms. SEMrush provides quality keyword research that can be easily applied to the Amazon Platform. Monthly sign up allows you to get all your keyword research done at one time and then easily unsubscribe if keyword research is no longer needed. Click “Sign Up for SEMrush” to go view their Pro pricing.

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Product Rank Tracking

If you’re looking for a great and simple way to track your products rank for specific keywords on Amazon, AMZ Tracker provides a simple yet robust tool to do just that. In addition, their ASIN analyzer can test your products for on-page optimization to help you increase conversions and sales. Click the “Sign Up for AMZ Tracker” button to sign up for their free trial.

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Amazon Product Sales Estimator

Whether you’re a brand looking to see what your sales could be for a specific product if fully optimized (aka “Best Seller”) or trying to cleanup the numerous duplicate listings and want to see how much sales you’re losing out on, use Jungle Scout for the best product sales estimates. Click the “Jungle Scout Sales Estimator” button on your right to get a product sales estimate on Amazon.

Amazon Product Sales Estimator
Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Amazon Product Photography

Professional product photography is one of the most crucial elements when displaying your product in the Amazon marketplace. Upgraded Images offers comprehensive and affordable packages to create high-quality product photos that fit the specific Amazon requirements and specifications. Click the “Visit Upgraded Images” button on your right to view pricing for their Take Me Online™ product photo packages.

Visit Upgraded Images

Amazon Seller Conference

If you’re looking for one of the most information packed Amazon Events, look no further than Prosper Show. This annual event is the one of the best Amazon conferences you can find with industry experts and resources to help you take your Amazon sales to the next level. Click the “Sign Up For Prosper Show” button on your right to view the next upcoming conference.

Amazon Seller Conference
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Amazon Product Launches

Looking to launch a new product and increase it’s ranking on Amazon? Look no further than Snagshout, the #1 resource to launch new products, get increased product sessions, phenomenal conversion rates and product feedback. Click the “Sign Up for Snagshout” button on your right to get started today!

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Amazon Price Tracking

If you’re a manufacturer or seller who wants to see the price trending for products you sell, CamelCamelCamel is an excellent resource allowing you not only to track recent price trends but also receive alerts and notifications when when a product is being sold at a certain price point. Click the “Visit CamelCamelCamel” button to go to the website.

Visit CamelCamelCamel

Amazon Listing Translation Service

If you’re expanding to Amazon Europe, Asia or Mexico and looking for a fast, affordable and reliable translation service to translate your Amazon listings into a foreign language (German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc) Gengo is it. Just create a word document of your entire listing (including search terms, title, product features and descriptions), upload it to their site, select the languages you want, the level of translation, any notes and make the payment via PayPal. Click the “Visit Gengo” button to get a quote and get started.

Amazon Listing Translation Service
Visit Gengo

UPC Codes for Amazon

If you’re a manufacturer, private label or simply looking to resell your own Bundles on Amazon, you will likely need legitimate UPC codes (Amazon Brand Registry allows for exemption). Amazon recommends all sellers buy UPC codes directly from GS1 the official UPC Distributor. Click the “Visit GS1.Org” button to visit their website.

Visit GS1.Org

Amazon Repricing Solution

Winning the buy box is one of the most essential tasks for any Amazon merchant, but its easy to get caught up in pricing rules trying to beat out the lowest bidder. FeedVisor offers the latest in intelligent self-learning algorithmic repricing for Amazon sellers doing at least $50k per month on Amazon and Amazon UK. Click the “Sign Up for FeedVisor” button on your right to get started today!

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Have other great Amazon Seller Resources you’d like us to add to this page? Just contact us and provide trial access and we’ll consider adding your resource if we feel it would benefit Amazon sellers.