Webinar Guest Participant

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Thanks for being a special guest on our Amazon Strategy for Brands Webinar Series! Here’s a few things to get ready for your webinar:

Before the Webinar

  1. Download Zoom.us
  2. Fill out the Form Below
  3. I will send you a list of questions ahead of time that we’ll be covering during the webinar, it will be very conversational w/Q&A
  4. I will add you as an affiliate to earn 50% with a special offer for any participants who purchase a course during/after the webinar
  5. I’ll send you the webinar graphic and links to promote the webinar to your audience, social media, email list, etc.
  6. You can also provide a Special Offer/Coupon Code for your Product or Service exclusive for Marketplace Seller Courses audience
  7. To appeal to a larger business audience please dress business casual (polo shirt, etc.) at least from the waist up 🙂
  8. The morning of the webinar we will do a 5 minute “test” to ensure everything is working correctly (make sure you have good internet)
  9. At the end of the webinar I will let participants know how they can get in touch with you and request more information, provide links, etc
  10. Once the webinar is completed it will remain on Facebook, be uploaded to YouTube and the Marketplace Seller Courses website w/transcript

Thanks so much for joining me! I look forward to hosting you soon.

Fill out my online form.