FeedbackFive by eComEngine is our favorite automated Amazon feedback tool, one we think no Amazon seller should be without. Listed below are the top 10 Highlights and Features of FeedbackFive.

1. It’s Absolutely Free to Get Started

FeedbackFive offers a free 30 day trial to test the full functionality. It is recommended that sellers sign up for the Pro plan which includes 1,500 emails per month and the tools and features needed to optimize. You can check out all of their upgrade options and pricing.

2. Trigger Emails Based On Several Order Incidents

You can setup an email to be triggered when an order is Ordered, Delivered or when Seller Feedback is Left and any specified number of days after any of the above. This allows sellers to create and send custom messages based on when the product is ordered or has been delivered.

3. It Integrates Multiple Amazon Marketplaces (North America & Europe)

FeedbackFive is currently setup to integrate with (US), (Canada), (Mexico), (UK), (Germany), (Italy) (Spain), (India), (France), (Japan), (China) allowing you to send emails for every Amazon storefront in North America,  India, Europe and Asia.

4. You Can be Notified of Negative Product and Seller Feedback

This feature is incredibly important to maintaining a positive seller account health and addressing negative product reviews left as seller feedback. While you cannot request that customers change or remove negative product reviews it can help you keep tabs on the reviews your customers are giving to your products and respond to them as well as request removal of one’s that violate Amazon’s policy.

5. You Can A/B Test Subject Lines and Emails

Using a simple method of which numbers an order number ends with (typically 0-5, 6-9) you can create A/B emails and see which one is getting higher open rates, more clicks and use it to optimize your subject lines and email content. You can also send emails based on the ASIN or SKU allowing you to customize emails for each specific product to further target the specific needs of each Amazon customer.

6. You Can Get Message Analytics (Open Rates)

Using the message analytics feature on the Pro plan you can actually see how many customers are opening your emails and allow you to adjust things to increase open rate. FeedbackFive allows you to not only customize subject lines and add emojis but also select the days and specific times you want emails to send allowing you tremendious flexibility and control.

7. You Can Add Attachments and GIF images to your Emails

This is a great way to send assembly instructions for products, warranty information, product registration information and even recipes (for gourmet food products for example). These are all great ways to engage the customers even before your product has shipped. GIF images will autoplay when customers open them allowing you to quickly grab their attention and demonstrate a feature or un-boxing.

8. Add Additional Emails Per Month Without Upgrading

If you happen to have a particularly busy month on Amazon you will simply be charged overage for any additional emails that month without upgrading your plan. This will allow emails to continue sending at a cost-effective rate without pausing emails if you happen to exceed the monthly limit.

9. Helpful Customer Service Representatives

eComEngine is filled with customer service reps that will respond to your email inquiries and assist you in any way they can with your FeedbackFive account. They also have a great online resources like they’re Ultimate Feedback Guide and FAQs.

10. Tons of Options for Customization & Variables

One of the greatest features is FeedbackFive seemingly endless amount of variables you can place in your email such as the customers name, the product name and image, product review links, seller links and more. In addition, the filters for each email can include things like sending based on fulfillment channel, customer state, item price, discounts, seller feedback and more.

If you’re looking to increase sales and product reviews, it’s time to get setup with FeedbackFive. Sign up for a Free Trial, get your account setup and integrated, and start increasing positive seller feedback and product reviews today!