“Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to have one site. And that’s where a non-branded site that is very keyword rich that already has been built, that has been out there for many, you know, many, many years, you can go buy a domain that ranks on, you know, 2, 3, page 2, 3, or 4, redesign it and then all of a sudden, be on page 1. And then from there, you have your branded site which is going to start getting there but you could buy a site or buy a domain, put a good website together with a great content strategy and then the ranking to be your leader for the couple of niches that you’re in.” Eric Kooymans

In this episode, I host Eric Kooymans, an e-commerce specialist who is president of Harnessing Strengths, as we discuss diversification strategies for brands selling on Amazon.

Suppose you have your Amazon account set up correctly, your products are optimized, you understand how to effectively launch products, you have or are in the process of getting Brand Registry 2.0, and understand how to protect your products from hijackers, etc.

But in the back of your head, you still have the sick feeling about what happens if you have a customer service issue, a supplier issue, and Amazon shuts down your account. Or even worse, if your supplier or Amazon start competing against you. These are valid concerns as you are not in control.

So in this episode, we discuss five action steps you can take to diversify and help weather any storm that comes and have true online success.

Stay tuned as we delve into a strategy for any brand to provide protection from risk and to increase your sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Product diversification: Expand your products to different categories’ suppliers (3:41)
  • Do your research with tools like Google keyword planner and keyword.io (7:10)
  • Marketplace diversification: Expand onto as many marketplaces as possible (8:13)
  • E-commerce diversification: Set up a 3 to 5 site strategy that includes branded and non- branded keyword rich websites. Start building your own stores
  • and online community (15:09)
  • Marketing diversification: Set up a strong content marketing strategy with a very intentional influencer outreach program (25:25)
  • In a world full of still images and product copy, video stands out (26:39)
  • Review and ad management: You’re not just trying to get more reviews, but you’re trying to stop the bad ones (28:03)
  • Influencer marketing: Tools like NinjaOutreach, Scrunch, BuzzSumo (32:23)
  • Amazon’s affiliate commission is less, but you have those bigger opportunities (35:28)
  • Content marketing: Make great content and use backlinks analysis (40:04)
  • How SEO, keyword research and audience relevance can give your content marketing a leg up as part of a long-term strategy (43:38)
  • Tools and team diversification: You’ve got to have the right tools and team to make your life easier (49:42)

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