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“There’s a difference between what people think as trademark infringement on Amazon versus what is actually happening in trademark infringement.” Bruce Anderson

In this episode, I host Bruce Anderson of E-Enforce as we discuss strategies and resources for brands to shut down duplicate listings, counterfeit sellers, deal with unauthorized sellers and MAP violators on Amazon.

We also talk about protecting your verified reviews on Amazon, identifying unauthorized sellers, the best way to protect your brand on Amazon, and benefits of brand registry 2.0. We tell you about an Amazon notification tool called AMZ Alert, a great resource that we use.

We talk about different solutions for infringement on Amazon. And these are all for different size brands, different size companies, different size manufacturers and even applicable to those who are private label, who have achieved sort of a brand status where people are familiar with your brand or it’s very successful private labels that do that.

We go into the specifics of how E-Enforce goes about Amazon distribution and infringement enforcement.

We wrap up this episode with a section on the importance of registering your trademark.

Key Takeaways

  • Trademark, copyright and counterfeit infringement on Amazon (1:03)
  • The biggest fight: First Sale Doctrine (4:49)
  • Distribution enforcement: Prevention vs intervention (12:21)
  • Duplicate listings (16:19)
  • The psychological phenomenon called de-individualization (19:13)
  • Gaining control over your unauthorized sellers (20:33)
  • Protecting your verified reviews on Amazon (23:42)
  • How sellers and brands can prevent and clean up MAP violation (25:20)
  • Importance of distribution agreements (28:19)
  • The best way to protect your brand on Amazon (30:34)
  • Solutions for infringement on Amazon (34:11)
  • Benefits of brand registry 2.0 (35:45)
  • Amazon notification tool AMZ Alert (39:23)
  • Amazon distribution and infringement enforcement: E-Enforce (40:47)
  • 24-7 infringement monitoring and enforcement (44:39)
  • The importance of registering your trademark (54:23)

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