If you’re looking for an effective way to stop hijackers from stealing sales on Amazon, you’ll want to join me as I host Tim Short of AMZ Alert, a 24-7 Amazon Storefront monitoring solution that tracks and protects your Amazon listings even while you’re asleep.

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Webinar Transcript

Shannon: Well, welcome everybody today. I am really excited to be here with Tim Short. He is with AMZ Alert. AMZ Alert changed my life from an Amazon seller perspective, as an Amazon consultant. And I can tell you that the software offers unparalleled features that will protect your seller account and will help you not only increase sales but also prevent loss and decrease of sales. So Tim, thank you so much for joining me. I’m really excited to have you.

Tim: Well, thanks for inviting me. Like you said, it’s great to hear feedback from you about using our software. I mean that’s the reason we came with it to see what you guys think, to see what sellers think and to basically help you guys save time and help you out.

Shannon: Yeah. So, I mean I had looked at a couple, even looked at you know, what would be the opportunities, the cost to build something. And I could tell you, I was thrilled beyond belief when I actually saw your – you got a software released for the first time. It was like this was the answer I had been looking for. And I could tell you that the user interfaces flow as you guys did such a good job creating the user interface, the customers experience from the client side to the seller side, everything from the text alerts, the email alerts, and we’ll dive into all that in a second. But it’s a such a well-built out, well thought out software that you guys really did a phenomenal job. And I’m really thrilled to not only use it but to promote it as well.

Tim: Yeah. We really appreciate that. And that’s kind of like the – that’s kind of the reason we came out with the softwares. We tried a couple, it just wasn’t updating as fast as we’d like. Every now and then you get a review or you get an alert an hour after it actually happened which that hour can turn into loss sales, loss conversions whatever it could be. So, we decided, “Hey, let’s build it. Let’s get it out there.” Actually we tested it out first and yeah, it worked out really well and obviously we’re getting really good feedback now.

Shannon: Yeah, I mean I used a couple, I remember getting email summary at the end of the day basically saying like “Hey, here are all the loss sales you have.” It’s like…

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: …what was the point of that? So, Tim, let’s go back to square one.

Tim: OK.

Shannon: Talk about what AMZ Alert is. I mean you guys kind of pitched a storefront monitoring and we’re getting to all the notifications but give us a brief overview of what AMZ Alert is and what AMZ Alert does.

Tim: Yeah. So AMZ Alert, it’s a software we built that help sellers on Amazon basically keep an eye on their listings. There’s nothing more important than making sure that your bestseller badge is still there, your reviews aren’t being delayed, your title is the same and there are so many different things that you want to track but you might not have the time to track it. Yes, so the whole reason AMZ Alert is out there now is because sellers need more time to focus on other things, whether it be coming out with new products or whatever it may be. They shouldn’t have to necessarily keep eye on the listings. We wanted to help them out so that’s why we came out with AMZ Alert and that’s the reason why that software is out here today.

Shannon: Yeah. So, to give a brief overview, because people sometimes maybe only have five or 10 listings but in some cases they have hundreds, in some case, they have thousands. Even if you’re manually monitored, there will be no way to keep track of all this information.

Tim: You got it going on.

Shannon: So, at its core level what AMZ Alert does is, from a seller perspective, you don’t actually even have to be selling on an Amazon listing to use AMZ Alert and that’s an important thing that we can touch back on. But basically, the seller you signed up and you’re going to enter that ASINs that you want to monitor. And then for each ASIN you actually get to, yeah, you can select the specific elements that you want to track. And then based on email and you can also enter a cellphone number which I find phenomenally helpful that you know I’m not in front of my email all the time, I’m not checking emails but I can get an email and or text message alert when something changes with this list.

And so, if that is the ultimate ground breaking benefit and like I said, for a software that does it a couple of hours later to the next day, it’s totally worthless because at that point, you could have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from sales. And so, real quick, Tim just to give you a couple of testimonials from clients that I worked with, from sellers that I have activated AMZ Alert on.

Tim: OK.

Shannon: The point is we had an account get suspended and it was due to a shipping issue, they had included tracking numbers and gotten a lot of shipments out on time. But we got a listing notification that our listing was suppressed. And we’ve never even got an email from seller performance letting us know that the account had been suspended. And without that AMZ Alert notice, it would have taken us hours or maybe even whole day to figure out that and instead we’re able to respond in minutes and get the account back up and running.

So, there has been so many situations, I have another client where they had videos about their product had gone totally viral on Facebook and they had people jumping on the left and right basically either selling fake product, counterfeit product, imitation product or this was back when sort of the big Amazon hacking happened and people creating fake accounts, providing fake tracking numbers just to make little money and – but it resulted in lots of bad customer experiences thinking that they had bought the product from you.

So, the ability to get all of these alerts within minutes is just absolutely phenomenal, and again, the system is so clean, the alerts are so simple, I have just you know AMZ text alerts pop in my phone, I can click that link, check out the listing and it’s really an unparalleled service. It really does if you’re doing certain volume or depending on the number of ASINs you have, it pays for itself, base on protection that you get for sure.

Tim: That’s awesome to hear. Going into a little bit, the whole reason I guess AMZ Alert is here today is just because obviously we have a whole group here that are Amazon sellers not only Amazon sellers but we know Amazon, the ins and outs and like you said when a product goes down, you might not know about it. And next, we start ourselves in that situation with one of our products and we were like “Hey, where are these sales at?” And we actually decide to look up the product because we thought, “Oh, it’s clear sailing, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

So we looked up our product and we found out that it wasn’t even on Amazon’s catalog anymore. And just that feeling alone, how you know, everyone is been through it.

Shannon: Right.

Tim: On that feeling it’s just like you got stabbed a little bit. Because then you have to go on your account. You see the little notification symbol and you’re like, “Oh, it makes sense.” Making sense why we missed $10,000 of sales, $20,000 of sales whatever, so be it. But I mean that’s just part of it. I mean that’s more than that but that is exactly why we created the whole software.

Shannon: Well, I had a client yesterday that they discovered and it was probably you know months after that then at least a month or so and they did not have any AMZ Alert signed up. They found out one of their listings have gone suppressed because Amazon thought it was a duplicate. They had a regular version and a mild version and Amazon algorithmically looked at the titles, thought they were too similar. And it wasn’t a violation it said, “Hey, it’s just suppressed.” But they didn’t know. They weren’t notified. And that’s something that Amazon is not known for doing well but there’s a couple of other things that it does really well in terms of notifications so…

Tim:  Yeah.

Shannon: And we’ll go through this but I think for me, it’s mainly notifying you of any change that happens with the listing in order for you to respond, be aware and/or make decisive actions in order to protect your product and your sales.

Tim: Yeah. And the thing that can be really irritating is if you don’t have AMZ Alert, your product can obviously be down suppressed and sometimes it’s just switching it back to active. Because sometimes Amazon let’s you have that option and then you realizing the sales when it’s literally just a click. Now, all you got to do is hit the click button and you’re good to go but you never knew so…

Shannon: Yeah. And that’s actually the situation with the duplicate listing.

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: Basically just say, these products are not the same. And then within 20 minutes it was active again but the loss of sales not knowing that…

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: …is really huge. So, we’ll go a little bit into the signing up for AMZ Alert at the end, I think we go back to that. But let’s talk about when you add an ASIN, I just want to go through with some of the bulk list because again, these are so huge, they vary in value depending on what the sellers needs are. But the very first one is Buy Box or hijackers. So, talk about what that does and what alert that – what kind of seller that alert is primarily going to be useful for?

Tim: Yeah. So, if you’re a seller and you put ASIN into our software and you select Buy Box/Hijackers, what that will do, it will let you know when someone jumps on your listing, your Amazon listing and takes your Buy box. So basically, what happens is, is that that seller is now getting this sales from that listing. So, you’re not receiving – you’re receiving minimal to no sales because they literally just jump right in front of you. And that’s – Amazon sees that as fine. They allow other third party seller to jump on your listing.

But what our software does is we let you know. So, if you didn’t have AMZ Alert, you would never know that there’s another seller stealing your sales at that point. So, we’ll send you a text message, email, say, “Hey, someone is on your listing right now and actually have the Buy Box.” I can break this down unto the other features as well which is Leeches. Leeches is the term we use to notify you when another seller jumps on a listing. Leeches is when they steal a Buy Box that’s what Hijackers, that’s what we call Hijackers.

Shannon: Right

Tim: But Leeches is when they actually just jump on your listing in general. They aren’t necessarily stealing a Buy Box but they are stealing maybe a couple of sales a day, nothing of high volume but still I mean 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

Shannon: Well, and the other important thing to remember for that and that’s an important distinction that for Leeches I find that typically one to sort of three categories. It’s either they’re just reselling product. Two, they’re a drop shippers and they’re those that are typically have inflated prices. They’re drop shipping and they’re hoping that you go out of stock at some point and they can capitalize a bunch of sales. But they’re never even touching the product. They’re not sending it directly to the customer. Those tend to result in pretty negative reviews oftentimes. And then the third one is straight up counterfeiters, people who are selling imitation product or counterfeit product. And for all three of those, none of those is a good situation. You want to be alerted when somebody comes on. You want to know who they are and you know be able to delve into that pretty quickly.

Tim: The really nice thing with our software is we’re not going to leave you hanging. If you’re a new seller and you might not necessarily the route, like the steps to take if someone jumps on your listing, we have people here on chat, on phone calls reach out to us, let us know. We can walk you through the steps. We’re a very friendly team. We’d like to help you out so if there are Leeches, if there are Hijackers, give us a call, we can walk you through the certain steps/criteria you need to do in order to get them off your listing. And there is nothing worse than doing, maybe like a test buy, we call it test buy which figuring out if they’re sending something fraudulent to other people buying the product. There’s nothing more frustrating that doing a test buy, and receiving that product and seeing your trademark on it.

Shannon: Yeah.

Tim: It’s very frustrating and we know the steps to help you out with that. So yeah, reach out to us and we can definitely help you with that. We’re not afraid to help resellers.

Shannon: That’s great. One of the things that I want to mention, another way that people can use this is typically a lot of competition with our brands and manufacturers. And so, there are certain cases where a brand or manufacturer will authorize either one seller or multiple sellers to sell on Amazon and most are in their distribution agreements and that sort of thing. So, they’re not even actively a seller on Amazon but it does help them monitor who those sellers are. And they can make sure that if a seller jumps on who’s not authorized and it might be you know product differentiation or material different space on a warranty or authorize seller status whatever the case may be. But it can allow a brand or manufacturer to monitor their listings as well, even if they’re not an active seller. So, you don’t have to be a seller on Amazon to use AMZ Alert.

And you know another thing that’s important to think about is you – if there’s either ASIN that you’re looking at selling a product on or you’re doing some competitor research, you could use it to sort of examine how many sellers are typically on this, how high is the turnover, how often are people you know trading out the Buy Box. And all that is just really helpful information so there’s a myriad of ways you could use this software but we find you know for the most part for active sellers just really helpful to monitor your listings and avoid that loss of sales and get that notification like you said you know within 15 to 20 minutes of it happening as opposed to several hour or days later.

Tim: Yeah. That is the nice thing is because we do see two types of like we have the seller groups and then we also have the other non-seller groups. We do have both of them using AMZ Alert, some to basically keep an eye on competitors or to keep an eye on a niche that they may want to get into just like you said. It’s really beneficial either way you look at it and really should be a part of your arsenal no matter what which is really cool.

Shannon: Yeah, I’m amazed you know working with sellers, you know on Amazon for the last several years now. How many cool third party tools and resources there are, I can’t imagine selling on Amazon without them. And I look at AMZ Alert as part of that critical tool you know that I have my arsenal and recommend to sellers especially when they get into situations where people are jumping on the Buy Box or where they have those types of issues pop-up. But even for things like product suppression is really huge. And so, we mentioned that earlier for product that’s suppressed, it’ll let you know.

The other one that is on the list is Best Seller Badge Changes. And this is really cool because you know as a consultant I like to keep track of how my client’s products are doing. Well AMZ Alert allows me to do that. And again, I don’t have to get notifications of everything but I could add you know several ASINs and say, you know, monitor the best seller alert badge and then I can keep track of those and I can let my clients know, “Hey, your product is number one new release or whether it’s Amazon choice or just number one best seller.”

Just having the ability to know what some of those you know badges are or when pop-up. Or, in one case last month we were fighting with another seller for the number one spot and it allowed us to use tactics like you know we can push some marketing, we could use some affiliate marketing, we could increase our campaign spend to get or keep that you know number one best seller badge and knowing that information really is half battle, it’s really key to successful sales and growth.

Tim: Yeah. I couldn’t agree more with you on that. Personally, being in the Amazon and like being part of Amazon sellers group and stuff like that, it really is the power of that best seller badge and seeing how much sales can actually decrease from not having a best seller badge. So, knowing instantly, knowing 15 minutes or less when you lose a badge is crucial to some people’s sales for daily sales. And we noticed that as a seller’s standpoint and we also noticed that as like a software point that we need to be accurate, when we do list the best seller badge and accurate telling other people when it was the best seller badge.

Shannon: Yeah. Let’s get into some of the other ones that are really important. This, a lot of times will have to do with products that you have multiple sellers on. So, for detail page control, you look at primarily vendor central contributions, retail contributions, those are going to supersede anything than below that you got brand registry and then below that you just got you know third party sellers, all contributing to a listing in Amazon making algorithmic decisions. But even within any of those, you can have situations where you’ve got category changes, you’ve got title changes, you have image changes.

And so, the title changes and image changes is really, really key as most category changes because it lets you know if another contribution has superseded yours, for example. And the other way that you can use it is if you’re going through and making updates, you’re optimizing your titles and you’ve either done that directly through the interactive listing tool or file upload or even with the catalog department. It lets you know that change has occurred. And so, that for me have been really crucial.

I worked with a client last month doing a huge amount of clean up and I’ll be getting an email and a text alert every time that title got pushed through and I could let the client know, “Hey, you’ve got another title that’s been optimized and pushed forward. So, those again, are really crucial from making sure that on one hand, other people aren’t messing with your titles or your images and then two, knowing when those changes either if you press those changes through or somebody else has.

Tim: Exactly. Exactly. I couldn’t agree more with you on that one either. A lot of the people don’t think that the title necessarily is a big, big deal even though that’s where you want most of those keywords to be on to optimize your listing to get those sales, to help your listing show up for keyword phrases or whatever it be, you really need a nice title. And in the world of Amazon today, there are other sellers obviously trying to change products titles, trying to change images, trying to change the categories. Unfortunately, sellers are having to deal with that on daily basis which is very sad but having the software gives you kind of that advantage that you need to succeed on Amazon which is really cool, really neat and has been really beneficial for a lot of sellers and hearing those feedback from – of your clients, Shannon, it’s putting a smile on my face, putting a smile on all our employees face too. So…

Shannon: Yeah, I mean, I could give then an example again. One of the clients that we’re working with, with this cleanup, we had optimized the titles. Again, they were just done poorly before by third party sellers so we got in as a brand owner, got brand registry, pushed the titles through. But after the titles have been optimized because we have included the correct keywords I got to notice that they had actually changed categories for one of the products. And Amazon had put it into a more relevant category which was actually going to be likely to increase sales and would give us the ability to move up the rank in a best seller in a category that was more apt or close that was more accurate.

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: And again, I was able to get that information immediately I was able to communicate that to the client. And I had situations where I think a couple of years ago, we were launching products and you know of you’re familiar with dual categories where it’s a category that exist in – it’s a sub category that exist in two primary categories. But you may have approval to sell on one and not the other. And what happened is Amazon kept moving algorithmically our products from a category that we were approved in to one that we were not approved in. And we had no way of knowing. We would just find out later that our sales had tanked and all of sudden then we’re fighting with the catalog department to push it back. But that’s where that information and those alerts are so helpful and so critical. And I feel like the list just keeps going on and on.

But let’s cover some of the other ones. Let’s talk about Product Star Ratings and then Best Seller Rank Changes. Can you describe a little bit about what those features do?

Tim: Yes. So Product Star Rating that’s where – obviously it’s like the four star, the five star whatever your rating, your product is showing at that time. And what we do is that our software notifies you if let’s say you’re showing a four-and-a-half star rating at a 4.3, if that drops to a 4.2, that rating, that product star rating will show a four star over all. So if that happens, which you might not think, but it will actually hurt your conversion. It will hurt your views, your page views, it will hurt a lot of stuff and what we’ll do is we’ll notify you and say, “Hey, your star rating has dropped from a four-and-a-half to a four.” You got to figure out something to fix that whether it would be reaching out to Amazon and saying, “Hey, some of these reviews are not anything to do with our product. It’s not our product review at all.” Which we have seen that that works for some sellers reaching out to Amazon directly.

Shannon: So, in terms of the – in terms of the product reviews, you know there are certain policies that Amazon says you can’t do, you can’t include you know certain things in terms of profanity or personal identified information or if it has nothing to do with the product, sometimes Amazon will remove those. But sometimes it can be helpful just to respond to them as the seller of the product. And that at least lets other customers know if they see those negative reviews that you are diligent as a seller and it could just be that the customer was misusing the product and you’ve addressed it and said, “Hey, make sure you read the manual or check this aspect out.” And that let’s people know that it’s not simply negligent seller or product but you know just customer misuse and that can help people move in forwards and still choose to purchase the product.

Tim: Yeah, that makes complete sense. Another cool thing we’re actually – it’s in the works right now. We’re promoting or we’re going to have another feature come out that actually deals directly with this. So, instead of having to go in and find those negative reviews that are posted, what we’ll do is we’re creating a customizable automation for responses to those types of negative reviews which will be rolled out probably the next month or two. I mean it’s kind of in like the entry works right now. And yeah, it’s just crazy to see how beneficial this could be.

And I believe the cool thing, the really cool thing about AMZ Alert is that when sellers and customers come to us, saying “Hey, we think this would be a good idea.” We don’t just like, “Oh, OK.” We don’t shrug our shoulders. We actually listen to their feedback and we’re like, “Hey, you know what? That’s actually a really good idea.” And someone brought this idea up to us and we run with it and then it’s – and actually it’s a brilliant idea that we’re able to do. So, we listen to our customers, we listen to our AMZ Alert members and we will create features based on your opinion if we think it’s a good idea.

Shannon: And Tim is that for seller feedback or product reviews or both? What would that specifically apply to?

Tim: That specifically right now for product reviews. We are checking to see if we are able to do that feature for seller feedback as well. The one thing that we don’t do that a lot of our competitors do is we don’t connect your Amazon seller account. We are completely – we don’t like doing that. We like just doing it from the outside. We don’t like having any access to your account.

Shannon: Yeah. Yeah, that’s really helpful. Yeah, I feel like the list goes on and on. There’s – and just to give an overview…

Tim: Yeah, it does.

Shannon: There’s a Keyword Ranking so you even have the ability to enter a couple of keywords and then it’ll show you where your product ranks for those keywords and that’s you know just a handful. But again, majority of the product sales come from this top few keywords anyways this top research terms. So, yeah, again, I feel like the list goes on and on. You’ve got Keyword Ranking, Negative Customer Reviews, Customer Reviews Total Count so, if you’re tracking your feedback or customer reviews, you can do that.

Let’s talk about the Automatic Cease and Desist feature that you guys just unleashed because I think that could be really powerful for people especially when you deal with the situation where you’re not available all the time or people are hopping on a listing saying in the middle of the night or they’re hopping in on it, 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM which is you know 12 hours of the day, it goes on to round the clock. What does feature do? What does that look like?

Tim: So, you can have it set, there’s an option in there, in your AMZ Alert account. You can have it – an Automatic Cease and Desist sent out to either Leeches, to like anybody that jumps on your listing or you can have it set to be sent out to people that actually take your Buy Box or Hijackers. You can either it either way. It is a fully customizable cease and desist. We do want – we do have one in there that’s auto – like that we created, it has been working great for us.

But basically what happens is let’s say, a seller jumps on your listing and undercut, usually they have the buy box. So, they turn from a leech to a buy box, we send them a cease and desist. We send them a cease and desist on your behalf, if they respond back to us with an answer, we forward that answer to you. So, like most times it’s answers like “Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to jump on your listing.” So we’ll forward that to you, to the seller so that they know that it’s taken cared of.

The really cool thing is that if you go on to your AMZ Alert account, we track back success rate on it. And I believe we’re right around 50% which is huge for leeches and hijackers.

Shannon: Yeah.

Tim: Because in Amazon world today it’s hard to get rid of anybody and we’re doing a pretty good job about it. We have done some like split testing and like what cease and desist have worked for us in the past and we got one that has just been pretty much our bread and butter and we’re sharing that with all of our members which is really cool.

Shannon: Yeah, one of the things about that that I have noticed is really key is if you have– if you keep that clean listing and so for example, single seller model, if you’re a single seller and there’s no other sellers, if you have one person hop on and within 15 minutes they got a notice saying, “You’re not authorized to sell in this listing, get off.” That tends to be the most effective way. So it’s not just about the wording of the content, it’s about how quickly it comes and it’s also about how clean the listing is.

So, you can imagine for products that have 10 or 15 sellers on there, it’s really, really difficult to get them off because people feel like “Hey, it’s going sellers on, there’s 15 other people, why should I get off?” But if there’s only one other seller and they know that that’s the authorized seller, there’s a vulnerability that’s inherent. And they also realize that you’ve been affected at keeping everybody else off. And so, I think for that, that’s a really, really powerful tool.

We use it for – one of the companies that I’ve worked with Cable Mate all the time, I get them text alert every time somebody hops on the listing. They get an alert and those listings are you know they’re 100% clean. And the people who hop on, if they don’t hop off immediately, they know we’re coming after them because they can see that nobody else is selling on these listings. And there really is an inherent vulnerability but the faster you do it, the more success you’re going to have and that’s where AMZ Alert comes in really huge.

Tim: Yeah, I definitely agree with that. It’s kind of like going back to our competitors – like competitors of AMZ Alert, like the power of doing it so much quicker than them keeps a listing clean compared to a listing of 10 sellers like you said Shannon. And that is really what it comes down to there’s no doubt about it. But a real cool story is we actually had a member of AMZ Alert that had a lot of leeches, hijackers, actually not necessarily hijackers, it’s a lot of leeches. And using – even using the cease and desist that we’re sending out. He spiced it up a little bit, changed them a bit because it’s customizable so you can change it to whatever. He went ahead and did that and it cut his leeches in half which doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s huge.

Shannon: Yeah.

Tim: Because he had – he had quite a high number of leeches and he cut it right in half. So, even at that standpoint, I mean it works but yet definitely having a clean listing and getting a cease and desist sent to you in a matter of a minute, 15 minutes is definitely the winner on that.

Shannon: Yeah. People get the notice really quickly that you’re watching. And they can’t just jump on later…

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: …in the evening when you’re not at work. And I think that’s really crucial and that’s where the automatic part of it comes in is, you know, the underlying theme of AMZ Alert is it’s a 24/7 storefront monitoring that you don’t have to be awake looking at your Amazon listings. We’ll do it for you and we’ll notify you when something changes and you get to determine which changes of those you want to be notified and how.

And I want to make another point in terms of the volume and the scalability of this. Its not only like it’s just for a single type of seller, I had brands that do millions of dollars a year on Amazon like you said. And I have sellers that are sole prop entrepreneurs who have created a unique product. And both of them benefit. And the thing that’s important to remember is if you’re selling a product and its successful and selling, other people will jump on it. It just no matter how small you are, I mean I’ve got products and clients that have products that you think no one would try to go after this but people use tools and people look at you know what’s selling and they will add your ASIN to their offers.

And so, the scalability is huge. That really anybody can use it. And I –  you know I have clients who are always amazed, they’re like, “I just came out with this product a month ago, hadn’t really done much promotion I already have leeches hopping on this listing, how do I deal with this and how do I get rid of it?”  And it’s not just a big company problem. It’s everybody problem if you’re selling on Amazon.

Tim: Yeah, very true.

Shannon: Tim, one quick question for you, we talked a little bit about the different notifications, I think I’ve asked you about this before but is MAP pricing something or price, you know if the price changes, is that an alert that you guys would be looking at, tracking as well, is that something that you might consider putting in the works? Because sometimes people say, “We’re OK with other people selling on those listing but if the pricing changed, that’s really important for us to know.”  Is that something that might be a future – in the works at some point in the future?

Tim: That is in the works right now actually.

Shannon: Awesome.

Tim: I mean that is a new feature that we – yes, yes. I want to say, I could be wrong but I want to say you may have brought that up when you first jumped on…

Shannon: I definitely have. I definitely have.

Tim: OK. OK.

Shannon: I want to circle back and follow-up because there’s a ton of brands and manufacturers who say “We’re OK with other people selling, we want to make sure that the titles don’t change. We want to make sure that images don’t get added but we really want to make sure that MAP is being valued and is set on Amazon. And we want to know when somebody does that.” And again, you could look at something like you know combination of cease and desist and MAP violation, literally taking an entire you know employees roles where it’s a waste of time for them to have to like mainly track all this down. And again, what you guys have done so well is to automate that process.

Tim: Yeah. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing for the MAP. We will – that will be coming out very shortly. That’s up next. That’s in the works next so that will be very soon.

Shannon: Awesome.

Tim: And basically, sellers will be able to track the other sellers that they give that MAP like possibility too so that they’re not violating the terms of that. And if they are and they can find out about it a lot quicker than it might take if they’re not tracking it which is pretty cool. And that no, you like just going back on that, even just you bringing that up to us, we may not think of that, I mean we obviously didn’t think of that and that’s why we appreciate feedback that you gave us and anybody can give us, any seller, anybody that has an idea, we can put that idea to turning into a feature, turning into whatever for you guys. But yeah, we’re very excited to launch that feature here soon. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated, we’ll send out an email or whatnot.

Shannon: Yeah. Well and the other thing with that is Amazon changes so often that to be a great resource you know it’s so great that you guys are responsive and move fast and make changes you know based on Amazon because it’s not going to be the same in six months or a year from now, that there’s going to be differences and you build it to be adaptable is what allows software to keep its value.

So, let me walk real quick customer through you know if you’re a seller and you’re interested in signing up, I believe you guys do have a 10-day free trial which is awesome. I’ve used that you know when I first started to go on and say, “How does this work?” I don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money upfront. I can just test it out and see and see the user interface, you know, start to get some of those alerts. So, once somebody clicks the link and we’ll provide that here at the end of the webinar. Once you sign up for it, you’re going to be able to get access to a dashboard which has Recent Alerts which I find is really helpful, you’re going to get those via email and text message throughout the day but to be able to have the dashboard that you can login and see what those recent alerts are is really helpful.

The second component is this Notification Delivery Information Section and that’s where you can actually add not just one email but multiple emails or multiple phone numbers for text alerts and updates. Talk a little bit about that section because I think again, you’ve got a company, you don’t necessarily want to have only one person getting an alert because they might not be at the office all the time, they might not be in front of the computer but one of the people will be. Again, I think it’s just phenomenal to have that customizability or flexibility.

Tim: Yeah, obviously this option is pretty cool. You can – basically you can set up I believe the elite package allow to have 10 emails associated with the account, which10 emails, that’s a lot of emails that you can have setup with that and that like get the emails, get the text. The cool thing that we’re also coming up with is I don’t even think I told you about this Shannon, which is this is actually pretty cool, you can – you’ll be able to set emails with certain alerts.

Shannon: Yeah.

Tim: So let’s say, you have someone that handles all the category changes and best seller changes. They handle all those alerts. You can have it go directly to their inbox. So, I mean that right there is going to make your team so much more effective whether you’re a single seller, whether you have a company of hundred, you have a company of 50, that right there is going to automatically you can send alerts to different directions that can get taken cared of a lot quicker.

Shannon: So Tim, I know that you guys have a handful of different packages based on the seller, the volume, go ahead and walk us through with those different seller packages are and what they offer kind of just the general terms.

Tim: Of course. We have – right now, we used to have four packages but we ended up going through and kind of updating the website a little bit and now we only have three packages, just kind of makes a little bit easier to read and follow. We have a Start-Up package which obviously gives you some of the features that doesn’t give you all. And you’re only allowed to monitor up to 50 ASINs. Then we also have the Premier package which gives you even more options, more features that you’re able track and monitor daily. And that one, you’re allowed to have up to I believe it was 100 people tracking it which is – or 100 ASINs, sorry. The last one is obviously, it’s our most used or most picked, it’s – everyone loves it because it’s everything. It has everything that you need and that’s our Elite package, that one you’re allowed to have 200 ASINs in it which is quite a high number. And then also, you can have 10 people looking into it so 10 people’s emails associated with that account and you get all the features. You get all the features which include the automatic cease and desist which is I believe and it is the only one that has that option. And if you go to the other two, if you have the Start-Up or the Premier, you will not have automatic cease and desist. That’s why so many people want the Elite package.

Shannon: So Tim, with that Elite package, if they have more than two ASINs, do they have the ability to upgrade any customized package for that?

Tim: Oh, it’s a good question. It is really cool with us being so flexible and AMZ Alert just be flexible in general. We do allow people to have over 200 ASINs to reach out to us and we are more than happy to put a custom package together. I think the highest amount of ASINs that we have for a company right now is 2,000.

Shannon: Wow.

Tim: So, we are more than capable to do it. Yeah, we are able to handle that big of a company. So yeah, reach out to us and we’ll definitely put a custom pricing package together for you.

Shannon: Awesome. I’ll tell you what, as an affiliate and promoter of AMZ Alert, you know I don’t promote it because I’m an affiliate. I’m an affiliate because I use it and because it works and that’s one of the best out there. So, I got a special coupon code offer for you guys if you’re watching. If you use the Coupon Code: MARKETPLACE25, all one word, MARKETPLACE25 it will give you 25% off on lifetime subscriptions. This is absolutely huge if you’re going to be able to signup for AMZ Alert. You’ll definitely want to use that coupon code.

Tim, thank you so much for joining me. I really appreciated…

Tim: Yeah.

Shannon: …those works you are following up and excited to hear about new features coming out and we’ll keep our audience and client base updated as well so.

Tim: Most definitely. I appreciate you having me on.