10% of Amazon Brand Success Academy Course Sales are invested in Empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurial Development in East Africa

In 2010, my wife and I spent 15 months living and volunteering in East Africa. We were there to help support opportunities for empowerment, education and entrepreneurship. It was an experience that changed us forever. With income from the Amazon Brand Success Academy, we have continued to support the friends we made and their communities ever since.

“We believe that a hand up is better than a handout.” 


Marketplace Seller Courses Giving Back Shannon Roddy

During our time volunteering with Wild Hope International, we came to understand that, as in any culture, only Africans can change Africa. The goal therefore was not to be the agents of change ourselves, but rather to come alongside, encourage and empower others. Raising up leaders in local communities is the only way to break the ongoing cycle of poverty.

The goal is to do for others what they cannot do for themselves, in order to empower them to create positive change. The opportunity to work alongside individuals like Philemon, and be inspired by them, working together to effect change is a privilege for which I am deeply honored and grateful on a daily basis.


When I first met Gertruda, she was living with her Grandmother in a small shack. They spent most of their days on the streets begging for money to buy food. Gertruda should have been in school, as the public education was free, but couldn’t afford the school uniform to attend.

Working together, we were able to secure a monthly stipend for food, buy her school uniform, and eventually get her placed in the Amani Children’s Home. This incredible facility has provided Gertruda a safe place to grow up, while providing her the opportunity to visit her Grandmother during school breaks. As a result, Gertruda was able to continue her education, enjoy a safe place to live, while getting food, medical care, and the tools she needs to thrive in life.

Marketplace Seller Courses Giving Back Shannon Roddy


Marketplace Seller Courses Giving Back

When I arrived in Arusha, two of the first people I met were Tommas and Erick. Their days consisted of approaching tourists and offering to show them around for tips or taking them to the tour companies in exchange for a small commission. I decided to host a 5-week business training at the local market to see if we could help legitimize their model and grow their business.

From this initial training Hakuna Matata Walking Tours was born! The guys have worked tirelessly, growing their confidence and the company. We helped our friend Erick attend school and earn his Business Certificate. Our friend Tommas enrolled in a driving school to be certified as a tour guide. The business has helped support the men, their families, and their communities at large.

Our Mission

“Do for one, what you wish you could do for everyone.”  – Andy Stanley

My commitment to give back is a crucial part of my own life. It is my way of paying it forward and thanking those who have helped me with undeserved opportunities throughout my life. Thank you for your interest in bettering the lives of our friends and loved ones in East Africa. Through empowerment, education and entrepreneurship we can make a difference. The changes we’re inspiring can be seen today and will be seen in generations to come.

– Shannon