Many manufacturers have been having trouble lately gaining approval to sell in Amazon’s restricted categories. Once you review the category policies, you click to the next screen, select PO or Receipt and upload the required documentation. Amazon’s Response? Denied.

Recently Amazon began no longer accepting Purchase Orders as a way to validate the category approval application. While the requirements are currently being updated so applicants are made aware of this, it’s important to note that as of February, 2016 Amazon is only accepting Invoices for specific categories when other means of validation do not apply (FDA Certification for Health & Personal for example).

The primary reason behind this is that Amazon wants to know that the products were not only ordered from the vendor, but also shipped and received and eligible to be fulfilled by the company directly. We are likely to see changes reflected in the application process shortly, but in the meantime note that Purchase Orders are likely to be rejected and Invoices will need to be supplied to gain category approval.

Below is a checklist of things you will need to make sure you have on the invoice to be considered for approval:

  • Invoice #
  • Document Issuer’s information (Name, Email, Phone, Website)
  • Your Company Information (Name, Email, Phone, Website)
  • Invoice dated within the past 90 days
  • Must be signed by document issuer