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Amazon Brand Registry 2.0

Amazon Brand Registry can be a vital part of your business. As a manufacturer, you have the capacity to register your brand with and gain control of your product listings. With the roll-out of Brand Registry 2.0 there are now a whole new slate of benefits and features to [...]

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UPC Codes for Amazon

If you're like many small startup manufacturers or entrepreneurs, you've needed to ask yourself the obvious question when deciding to sell on Where should I get my UPC codes for Amazon? The ultimate answer is GS1, the official distributor for UPC codes in the United states. Get Started | Apply for [...]

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Top 10 Tips to Running Successful Amazon Campaigns

Driving internal traffic to your listings is an essential way to not only create initial conversions and sales but also to continue supplementing organic traffic to help your sales continue to grow. Here's our top 10 tips for running successful Amazon campaigns to your product listings. 1. Optimize Your [...]

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

If you're a brand selling on Amazon Seller Central there is a tremendous opportunity you can now take advantage of to help increase your product sales. In early January 2017 Amazon rolled out this new option referred to as "Enhanced Brand Content" and in this article we will give you [...]

By | 2017-10-31T11:28:44+00:00 June 22nd, 2017|Amazon Updates|

Allowed HTML Tags in Amazon Product Descriptions

If you're looking to add some style to your Amazon Product page, html tags can be a great way to help text stand out and keep from being cluttered. A few great examples of optimized Amazon Descriptions are Kasandrinos Olive Oil and the best-selling miniWISP. Unfortunately, Amazon not only does not [...]

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Amazon Policy Update on Product Reviews

On October 3 Amazon caused a wake in the Seller Community after announcing on its blog that it now violated Amazon's policy to provide discounted products in exchange for a review. This was a policy set to enforce their previous warning that, "Any attempt to manipulate ratings, feedback, or reviews [...]

By | 2017-08-29T08:40:45+00:00 October 27th, 2016|Amazon Updates|

Recent Updates to Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

As many sellers know, one of the most important elements to their products conversion rate is the quantity and quality of their products star ratings. Recently, many sellers have attempted to game the system by simply giving away hundreds or even thousands of products using coupon codes at an exorbitant discount (up to 97% off) [...]

By | 2017-08-29T08:45:18+00:00 September 6th, 2016|Amazon Updates|

Creating Multi-Pack Variations on Amazon

While it seems relatively simple, one of the elements of selling on Amazon that's least understood by many sellers, especially manufacturers, is how to create multi-packs. More often than not, manufacturers find their resellers successfully listing and creating multi-pack detail pages on Amazon, and end up listing on those rather [...]

By | 2017-08-29T08:50:44+00:00 May 4th, 2016|Amazon Updates|
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