Brands selling on Amazon are always looking for that little extra in order to give their products an edge. We’ve got some great Amazon Seller Tools and resources that we recommend to any seller looking to launch a new product, boost an existing product or gain seller feedback. If you want to know how to increase sales on Amazon, check out our Amazon Seller Resources below.

Amazon Accounting

Marketplace sellers have unique financial needs, so when you’re navigating fees, securing capital and making inventory decisions, an Amazon accountant is your best resource. Not only will they understand the complex eCommerce industry, but they can provide valuable guidance to help you grow and protect your business.

Amazon Accountant

Ready to take the headache out of your Amazon accounting for your business (like trying to figure out your actual profitability after all those fees)? Seller Accountant can assist. Their services range from helping with initial cleanup and setup to monthly bookkeeping allowing you to focus on building a business. Just click, “Visit Seller Accountant” button on the right to learn more.

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Books on Amazon

Starting an Amazon business might be easy, but building a successful brand takes work. Fortunately, learning from the experience of others can help you know what to do — and what to avoid. If you’re a brand owner selling on Amazon, here are some great titles to put on your must-read list.

Amazon Brand Management

It’s every Brand Executives ultimate challenge: Your product at some point, is likely to be sold on Amazon, either by yourself, a distributor or reseller. In addition, you have the choice to sell through Seller Central or directly to Amazon via Vendor Central. In this easy read by James Thompson, Ph. D. and Joseph Hansen, you’ll get an Amazon insider’s perspective to this challenge. Click the “Purchase the Amazon Dilemma” button to purchase the book in paper back or kindle.

Purchase the Amazon Dilemma

The Everything Store

Every Amazon seller who wants to understand the history and culture of Amazon should read this book. From Jeff Bezos’ inception of an innovative idea to harness the internet to sell books to building one of the largest automated eCommerce machines of our age, you’ll learn how Amazon started with the same philosophy it carries today and how it affects every seller on Amazon. Click the “Purchase the Everything Store” button to purchase the book in paper back or kindle.

Purchase the Everything Store

Amazon Campaign Manager

Amazon campaign management is a major part of building your brand — but it can be confusing, expensive and exhausting. By enlisting the help of an Amazon campaign management tool, you’ll free up the time and money you’ll need to be profitable and successful in the online retail space.


If you’re a brand owner, you need to think of campaigns not just as a marketing tool to use in Amazon but an essential component to your overall Amazon Flywheel strategy. Teikametrics is the forerunner in Amazon PPC Management since it takes into account all aspects of your business, including COG’s, profitability and the impact PPC has on organic sales and rankings. Automation handles flawlessly minor bid adjustments while you’re able to make critical decisions using their intuitive dashboard. Click the “Get Started Today” button to get started.

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Amazon Customer Service Management

When customers have a great experience, they keep coming back. That’s why you can’t overestimate the importance of good Amazon customer service management. You want your customers to feel valued and delighted after every transaction, which is why using an Amazon customer service tool can make all the difference.


One of the most challenging headaches today is growing a scalable business while trying to keep up with the increasing need for customer service. Amazon’s strict requirements can be demanding, in addition to being able to implement best practices. SellerSmile solves this problem for brands by providing US Based Customer Service for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart and other platforms, allowing brand owners to build and grow their business. Click “Learn More” to see the simple monthly pricing and get started today.

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Distribution Enforcement on Amazon

You’ve worked too hard building your business to allow anyone to steal your thunder. When you discover counterfeit products, copyright infringements, duplicate listings and more, you can depend on an Amazon distribution enforcement specialists to protect your brand. They know exactly how to stop unauthorized sellers on Amazon in their tracks.

Stop Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon

If you’re a brand or seller on Amazon that’s tired of playing “whack-a-mole” with unknown and unauthorized sellers creating duplicate listings, violating MAP, selling counterfeits or engaging in other infringing activity, you can now get access to state-of-the-art legal and cyber investigation services and their proprietary enforcement software for a monthly fee. To request more information click “Contact E-ENFORCE” and put an end to sellers hurting your sales and ruining your brands reputation.

Amazon Unauthorized Seller Enforcement


Growing a business is tough, especially when you’re in need of capital to buy more inventory, invest in marketing and build your team. Investors may be helpful but also take equity away from founders while high interest loans can be costly. Check out these top Amazon Financing services to help you get access to capital to build your brand.

Financing for Amazon Sellers

A common challenge for emerging brand owners is how to finance their business in between the standard 2 week pay period from Amazon. With Payability, you can now apply for Instant Access to get daily deposits from Amazon sales or an Instant Advance allowing you to get up to a month’s worth of payouts in a lump sum. Payability will never check credit or ask for bank statements or tax documents so it never hurts to apply. Approval is based on account health and sales performance so they can get most sellers approved for financing in 24 hours.  Just click, “Apply Now” to get started and learn more.

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Amazon Freelancers

It’s important for any business owner to focus on their strengths, and hire their weaknesses. Whether you’re looking to hire Amazon Freelancers to help optimize your listings or campaigns, or virtual assistants to help build your affiliate network, access to quality contractors is essential.


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build your business on Amazon one of the biggest challenges can be finding the right people to help you do it. If you’re looking for a PPC specialist, someone to write copy for your Amazon listings or create images, FreeeUp can help by taking your request and pairing you with qualified candidates. Click “Hire a Freelancer” now and use Coupon Code: MarketplaceSellerCourses25 to get a $25 credit.

Hire a Freelancer

Inventory, Shipping & Fulfillment

Keeping your inventory up to date across multiple platforms can be a challenge. That’s why it’s essential to use an Amazon inventory management software that can do it automatically. Brands that sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more can use Amazon fulfillment software to pull in orders and push tracking numbers back to their respective platforms.

Amazon Multi-Channel Inventory & Fulfillment

Marketplace Diversification is essential for any company selling on Amazon, but complexity builds when you need to manage inventory and orders from Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, your Shopify site and other marketplaces. With Skubana, you can easily build kits and bundles, and manage all of your inventory with master SKU’s and one-click integration with tons of marketplaces. Click “Schedule a Demo” to see all of Skubana’s incredible features.

Amazon Multi-Channel Inventory Fulfillment ERP
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Shipping Software for Amazon Sellers

If you’re selling on Amazon and looking to expand to other platforms, ShipStation is a great tool that carries tons of optimized features and integrations with nearly every payment provider, shipping service and platform available. Just add your products and inventory, integrate your channels and shipping providers and add rules to automate the process. You can even use FBA to automatically fulfill eBay, Shopify and other 3rd party marketplace orders. Click “Start Your Free Trial” to begin using ShipStation and simplify your shipping and fulfillment today.

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Amazon Seller Notification & Alerts

Your reputation depends on the quality of your products, so when counterfeiters selling knockoffs impact reviews, a proactive approach can make all the difference. Receiving an Amazon product listing alert or Amazon hijacker alert by email or text allows you to address the situation immediately to protect sales and your brand.

AMZ Alert

Are you tired of hijackers jumping on your listing and stealing sales? Do you constantly have to monitor your listings for counterfeiters that create negative reviews on your products or would you simply like to be alerted when any number of changes happen to your listing immediately by email & text? Sign up for AMZ Alert by clicking the “Start AMZ Alert Trial“, use Promo CodeMARKETPLACE25 and get 25% off the lifetime cost of your subscription and gain peace of mind that your storefront is is being monitored 24-7.

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Amazon Listing Optimization

If you want to successfully launch your products and increase sales then Amazon listing optimization is essential. Whether it’s product copy, images or SEO, having a solid listing will not only help increase conversions but also lay the foundation for long term organic traffic and sales.

Amazon Listing Optimization

If you’re ready to list your products but just don’t know what to say, this is a great resource to give you step-by-step instructions on how to perform Amazon listing optimization by writing optimized Titles, Product Features (Bullet Points) and Descriptions for your Amazon listings. Click the “Purchase Amazon Advantage” button to purchase the e-Book and use Coupon Code: SHANNON10 to save $10.

Amazon Product Features Description
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Amazon SEO Listing Copy

Getting found in the sea of competition on Amazon requires a well optimized listing and eighty percent of that SEO work is done with relevant keywords used strategically throughout your listing copy. has you covered with professional copywriters that know how to  converts lurkers into customers with persuasive and flavorful SEO driven copy. Click the “Purchase SEO Listing Copy” button to purchase the e-Book and use Coupon Code: EXPERT10 to get 10% off your listing copy.

SEO Listing Copy
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Amazon A+ Content

As competition on Amazon increases, basic listings will only get you so far. Maximizing organic sales requires exceptional graphics and visual storytelling. Lucky for you, has you covered with a design team that specializes in helping brands stand out on Amazon using their BUY NOW method. Click the “Purchase Amazon A+ Content” button to purchase the e-Book and use Coupon Code: EXPERT10 to get 10% off your A+ Content.

Amazon A+ Content
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Amazon Product Images

Most brand owners never take the time to add any Amazon product images beyond their primary photo. However, adding infographics, assembly images, warranties and more can greatly increase your conversion rate, sales and positive product reviews.

Amazon Graphic Design

Amazon listings can be optimized using graphic design that is incredibly cost-effective but will help your listings stand out and increase conversion rates, sales and customer satisfaction. From Product Infographics highlighting your products specific features, to assembly graphics and even Enhanced Brand Content images, Fiverr provides some great options for you to get quality graphics fast. Click “Visit Fiverr” on your right to start your order.

Visit Fiverr

Amazon Product Images

As competition on Amazon increases, basic listings will only get you so far. Maximizing organic sales requires exceptional graphics and visual storytelling. Lucky for you, has you covered with a design team that specializes in helping brands stand out on Amazon using their BUY NOW method. Click “Purchase 6 Product Images” and use Coupon Code: EXPERT10 to get 10% off your product images.

Set of 6 Product Images
Purchase 6 Product Images

Amazon Split Testing Optimization Tool

One of the challenges facing most sellers is how to get feedback on Amazon listing options such as title, product features or images without having to make changes to all of their listings and waiting 30+ days to get results. With PickFu, you can upload Copy, Images or Mock-Ups and get fast feedback, even prior to creating your listing. Click “Start a Poll” button on your right and use Coupon Code: MARKETPLACE50 to get 50% off your first poll.

Start a Poll

Amazon Product Launch

Amazon has created multiple policies in the past few years making a new product launch on Amazon just that much more difficult. In addition, it can be challenging to track what external traffic actually converted. Brand owners need to ensure that they’re using methods and tools completely in line with Amazon TOS to effectively launch new products on Amazon.

Amazon Launch Packages

As competition on Amazon increases, basic listings will only get you so far. Getting found means having a well optimized listing and maximizing organic sales requires exceptional graphics for visual storytelling. Lucky for you, has you covered with launch packages that includes all the nuts and bolts you need to get fully optimized on Amazon. Coupon Code: EXPERT10 to get 10% off your launch package. Click “View Launch Packages” to get started.

Amazon Launch Package
View Launch Packages

Amazon Landing Page Generator

One of the biggest challenges brand owners face is how to effectively launch a new product on Amazon. Driving social, email or paid traffic directly to your listing can be expensive. LandingCube offer’s a perfect Amazon Product Launch tool that allows you to instantly create a landing page from an existing ASIN, add reviews and start driving traffic, capture emails, and offer discounts to generate sales. Click “Start LandingCube Trial” to get started.

Amazon Product Launch
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Amazon Product Photography

Want to elevate your Amazon listing? Include Amazon product photography that is high-resolution and professional. This is especially important to convey the premium quality of your products. Regardless of what you’re selling, product photography is a very worthy investment.

Upgraded Images

Professional product photography is one of the most crucial elements when displaying your product in the Amazon marketplace. Upgraded Images offers comprehensive and affordable Amazon Product Photography packages to create high-quality product photos that fit the specific Amazon requirements and specifications. Click the “Visit Upgraded Images” button on your right to view pricing for their Take Me Online™ product photo packages.

Visit Upgraded Images

3D Product Rendering

Enhance your product visuals with 3D Renderings for your Amazon listings. Get Impressive 3D illustration for any Amazon product or packaging delivered in 1 to 7 days to give you the fastest results possible all with a Satisfaction Guarantee. These can be used for infographics, product features and assembly instructions. Click the “Request a Quote” button to your right to start the process.

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Amazon Seller Refund

If you’re using FBA, it’s likely that Amazon owes you money. In fact, there are multiple scenarios where an Amazon seller refund is due. Amazon requires you to meticulously cross-reference reports and file multiple cases in order to get your money back.


As an Amazon Seller, there’s a lot to keep track of, but making sure that Amazon is processing all of your fees correctly shouldn’t be one of them. From Returns and Overages, to Damages, Replacements and Missing Inventory, Amazon makes mistakes in ensuring that you’re properly credited for each transaction. GETIDA is the premiere data-driven Amazon approved service that covers all possible reimbursement and submits cases to Amazon in line with their TOS. Just sign up, integrate your account and GETIDA will charge you just 25% of the refunds Amazon provides you. To get started click “SIGN UP NOW” and start getting refunds from Amazon in as little as 72 hours.


Register a Trademark

Do you know how to register a trademark? This is an important step to growing and protecting your brand on Amazon, but it can also be confusing. It’s definitely worth having someone help you register a trademark so that every step of the process is done right — the first time.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright

If you’re an inventor or brand owner one of the most important things you can do is protect your intellectual property. Whether it’s a Registered Trademark for your brand name, a Copyright for your images or a Patent for your innovative idea, Gearhart Law can assist. With their dedicated team, Gearhart Law is able to assist with all facets of intellectual property including registration, litigation, agreements and more. If you want a reliable law firm that specializes in intellectual property that can guide you through the process, click, “Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights” to schedule a free consultation today.

Trademark, Patent & Copyright

Registered Trademark Application

One of the most important things you can do to protect your brand and increase sales on Amazon is using a registered trademark through the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Amazon requires a registered Word Mark (Text) or Design Mark (Logo) to apply for Amazon Brand Registry which gives sellers access to additional benefits such as Enhanced Brand Content, Brand Ads and Storefronts. Trademarks protect your brand and trade name and can be essential for distribution enforcement as well. Click “Start Trademark Application” to being the process of registering your company or brand name.

Legalzoom Trademark Registration
Start Your Trademark Application

Amazon Seller Reporting Tool

Amazon is an incredible platforms, but when it comes to reporting it can be a challenge for a brand or inventor to find all of the relevant data they need at a glance. Having an accurate Amazon Seller Reporting Tool can be vital to ensure that your business is running smoothly and profitably.


MerchantSpring is the leading analytics and reporting platform for brands, marketplace agencies, aggregators, and professional sellers. The platform links your Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and 70+ other channels into a single performance dashboard covering sales trends, pricing, advertising, profitability and operations. Spot performance issues before they become a problem. Identify suitable actions with the help of our extensive suite of performance reports. View the Product Demo and “Start Your Free Trial” today with no credit card required.

Merchant Spring
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Amazon Product Reviews and Seller Feedback

Word-of-mouth testimonials still matter. For online businesses, that comes in the form of an Amazon product review and seller feedback. You may realize the importance of ratings to building your reputation, but you may not know how to get product reviews on Amazon. These services can automate and simplify the process.


Gaining Seller and Product Feedback are two of the most important things you can do in order to increase sales and gain customer trust. With an automated and integrated email feedback system you can automatically create simple and easy to design Amazon Product Review emails that go out after every order to ensure that your customers have an opportunity to rate and review the product that they’re purchasing as well as you as leave you Seller Feedback. To get started simply click “Start FeedbackFive Trial” and get 30 days free (no coupon required) and be on your way to more product reviews and better sales.

Start FeedbackFive Trial

Writing Product Review & Seller Feedback Emails

Gaining product feedback is one of the most important follow ups you can make after a customer buys your product on Amazon. Learn the tips and best practices for writing subjects lines, emails and when to send to get the highest response rate. Click the “Purchase Review Advantage” button to purchase the e-Book. Use Coupon Code: review10 to save 10%.

Amazon Review Advantage
Purchase Review Advantage

Amazon SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves using the right words to help people find your products. Using Amazon SEO tools or an Amazon keyword research tool can help you navigate the process in order to optimize your product listings and improve your organic product ranking while providing great keywords for CPC.

Amazon Keyword Research

It’s one of the most important aspects to gaining traffic for your listing: finding and utilizing high quality relevant search terms to optimize your product listing. Helium10’s Magnet2 is a powerful tool allowing you to search for relevant keywords for your products using tons of helpful criteria like search volume, match type and word count. Click “Get Started with Magnet” to sign up for this Amazon keyword research tool and enter Coupon Code: MSC10 at checkout to get a 10% including annual plans off OR MSC50 to get 50% off (first month only).

Get Started with Magnet

Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup

A great way to get started when trying to determine the most relevent and profitable keywords for your products on Amazon is to see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Helium10’s Cerebro is an Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup tool that allows you to put in multiple competitor ASIN’s and see what keywords they’re ranking for in order to determine which ones are most relevant to your products. Click “Get Started with Cerebro” to sign up and enter Coupon Code: MSC10 at checkout to get a 10% including annual plans off OR MSC50 to get 50% off (first month only).

Get Started with Cerebro


Keyword research is essential to optimizing your product listings and keyword search terms. SEMrush provides quality keyword research that can be easily applied to the Amazon Platform as an Amazon SEO tool. Monthly sign up allows you to get all your keyword research done at one time and then easily unsubscribe if keyword research is no longer needed. Click “Sign Up for SEMrush” to go view their Pro pricing.

Sign Up for SEMrush

Amazon Suspension Appeals & Reinstatement

Getting suspended on Amazon is often a matter of if, not when. Even when it’s unintentional, it can be devastating to a business to have their account shut down. Learn the critical principles to abide by in order to keep your account and products in good standing and how to write an Amazon suspension appeal and request an amazon reinstatement if you ever face a policy violation.

Amazon Suspension Prevention

It’s every Amazon sellers greatest fear. You’re sales are increasing and your building your brand and all of a sudden you get an email that your account has been suspended. Getting reinstated can take hours, days and sometimes weeks. In this book, suspension prevention expert Cynthia Stine provides you with the insight to keep your account in good standing and prevent costly suspensions as well as tips for getting reinstated. A must read for every Amazon seller. Click the “Purchase Suspension Prevention” button to purchase on Amazon.

Purchase Suspension Prevention

Amazon Sales Estimator

If you’re looking for a free Amazon sales estimator you’re in luck! There are great tools out there that can use the Amazon best seller rank in order to estimate daily and monthly sales. This can be extremely helpful for gauging competitor sales, or your own products sales sold by third parties.

Jungle Scout

Whether you’re a brand looking to see what your sales could be for a specific product if fully optimized (aka “Best Seller”) or trying to cleanup the numerous duplicate listings and want to see how much sales you’re losing out on, use Jungle Scout as your Amazon sales estimator. Click the “Jungle Scout Sales Estimator” button on your right to purchase access to their Chrome Extension or use their Sales Estimator tool to lookup ASIN’s individually.

Amazon Sales Rank and Keyword Ranking
Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Shopify Amazon Integration

If you’re looking for a Shopify Amazon Integration check out our Inventory, Shipping & Fulfillment section. Shopify does currently allow sellers to integrate directly with Amazon but the ability to select merchant fulfilled or FBA SKU’s and sync products correctly is currently limited.


If you’re a brand looking for a full eCommerce solution, look no further than the Shopify. Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform and provides a secure and cost-effective solution with tons of plugins and themes you can add to customize your site. Click “Start Your Free Shopify Trial” to sign up for your Free Trial Shopify Store today.

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Track Amazon Sales Rank

It’s important to track sales which can easily be done within the Seller Central platform. But it’s also incredibly important to track Amazon sales rank of your products. You can also track the historical price of your products over time to assess MAP violations and your overall brand equity on Amazon.

Amazon Keyword Tracking Tool

If you’re looking for a great and simple way to track your products rank for specific keywords on Amazon, Jungle Scout provides a simple yet robust tool to track Amazon Sales Rank and Keyword Ranking. In addition, you can get access to sales estimates, analytics, alerts, listing builder and an inventory tracker for one monthly price. Click the “Sign Up for Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker” to try it risk free for 14 days.

Amazon Sales Rank and Keyword Ranking
Sign Up for Jungle Scout

Amazon Price Tracking

If you’re a manufacturer or seller who wants to see the price trending for products you sell, CamelCamelCamel is an excellent Amazon price tracking resource allowing you not only to track recent price trends but also receive alerts and notifications when when a product is being sold at a certain price point. Click the “Visit CamelCamelCamel” button to go to the website.

Visit CamelCamelCamel

UPC Codes for Amazon

If you’re a brand owner, manufacturer or inventor authentic GS1 UPC codes are critical for your success on Amazon. Purchasing reseller UPC codes can not only hurt your reputation but also prevent you from expanding easily into retail and other online marketplaces down the line.

GS1 UPC Codes

If you’re an inventor, brand owner or manufacturer looking to sell on Amazon, you will likely need legitimate UPC codes (although Amazon Brand Registry allows for exemption in some cases). Amazon recommends all sellers buy UPC Codes for Amazon directly from GS1 the official UPC Distributor. Click the “Visit GS1us.Org” button to visit their website.

Visit GS1us.Org