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If you’re a brand owner looking for an Amazon Seller Consultant, we understand the issues you’re probably facing. Whether it’s tackling  flat file uploads, optimizing your listings to increase sales or facing distribution enforcement and trademark violations we’ve got you covered. We have a proven track record of assisting both emerging and established brands to help them increase sales while decreasing hassles.

How Can I Help You? Are You…

  • Looking for help getting started on Amazon?

  • Needing expert insight for your Amazon brand strategy?

  • Struggling to identify and remove unauthorized sellers?

  • Want personalized one-on-one Amazon service?

  • Fighting with Amazon to get control of your product listings?

  • Needing strategies to increase product sales?

  • Want to create an optimized Advertising strategy?

Then You’ve come to the Right Place!

Amazon Seller Central Consultant

Why Hire Me?

I got started working with Amazon in 2012, both as a seller and a consultant. The first company I was hired to help experienced a 400% increase in sales the following month and as I discovered solutions for brands selling on Amazon I expanded my services to include more Amazon seller consulting services. Since creating Marketplace Seller Courses I’ve had the privilege to work with over 100 brands, inventors and startups in order to help them launch, grow and protect their sales on Amazon. I’ve helped clients achieve 23 #1 New Releases, 30 Amazon Choice Products and 4 #1 Best Sellers. My goal is to take the headache out of Amazon by providing reliable and useful strategies, tools and resources that are in line with Amazon policy.

Who We Work With

We Specialize in Assisting

  • Brand Owners

  • Manufacturers

  • Agency Owners

  • Inventors

We Do Not Currently Support

  • Private Labels

  • FBA Sellers

  • Resellers/Arbitrage

  • Individuals/Sourcing

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What We Can Cover In a 30 Minute Session:

  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Calculating FBA Fees
  • Estimating Competitor sales
  • Feedback Email Strategy
  • Fulfillment Opportunities
  • Listing Optimization Analysis
  • Product Image Optimization
  • Product Review Strategy
  • Tax Setup & Questions

What We Can Cover In a 60 Minute Session:

  • Amazon Campaign Strategy
  • Customer Service Training
  • Distribution Enforcement Strategy
  • Flat File Template Issues
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Market & Competitor Research
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Retail Contribution Removals
  • Storefront Optimization Analysis

What Other’s are Saying about My Coaching

“Shannon helps navigate you through the inner workings of Amazon and has been an excellent resource to help us increase our Amazon sales 200% in less than 3 months! I would highly recommend Shannon and Marketplace Seller Courses for any business wishing to increase their Amazon presence.”

Dale Malone, KlikBelts

“Utilizing Shannon Roddy made the different between success and failure with our Amazon launch. Navigating the Amazon world with a mature brand required a significant amount of clean up and optimization and we couldn’t be happier with the service and intelligence that Shannon has provided to our brand in such a short amount of time. The results have been outstanding!”

Robin Behar, Table-Mate

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Amazon Consulting Services

We also provide personalized Amazon Consulting Services for select clients on a project or ongoing retainer basis. We believe in a highly collaborative approach when it comes to working with our clients. Because we work to provide personalized service our clients are carefully selected ensuring a good fit and a successful outcome for your brand or product. If you’re interested in our Amazon Consulting Services just follow the simple steps below to get started.

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Benefits of Amazon Coaching

Do It Yourself  🙁

  • Time-Consuming Online Google Searches

  • Frustrating Conversations with Seller Support

  • Unreliable, Inaccurate or Out-of-Date Information

  • Hours Wasted Searching for Tools & Resources

Coaching with Shannon 🙂

  • Fast, Reliable and Accurate Solutions

  • Real-time Conversation with an Amazon Expert

  • Up-to-Date Information In-Line with Amazon Policy

  • Referrals to Quality Tools and Resources

Amazon Seller Coaching Testimonials

“I am so glad that I reached out to Shannon for help! I needed to make some changes to my Amazon business. After an exhaustive search through Amazon’s policies, as well as multiple Google searches, I was completely confused as to how to proceed. I reached out to Shannon and he walked me through everything that needed to be done. In just 30 minutes, I was all set! I’m kicking myself for wasting so much time trying to figure it out on my own when I could have saved myself a lot of stress and just contacted Shannon. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs help with their Amazon business!”

Joan Rantz, Loran

“Working with Shannon is like having a good friend beside you helping to navigate the world of online marketplaces. Shannon’s expertise in getting products posted, discovered, cross-promoted and selling on Amazon helped my bedtime toy brand, Starshine Watchdogs, achieve fast-selling, 5-Star, zero-return status on Amazon! You rock Shannon – Thank You!”

Geoff Roesch, Starshine Watchdogs

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Amazon Consulting Services

Based on our collaborative approach, we have detailed the breakdown of what I take on as a coach, as well as what elements clients will be responsible for handling. To have a successful selling experience on Amazon both the seller and consultant must be invested in the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Amazon Coaching is right for me?2021-05-21T12:43:12-04:00

If you answered yes to any of the questions under “How can I help” then you’re probably a great candidate. However, if you’re still unsure, you can ask a question about our Amazon Coaching services via Facebook Messenger

What happens if I need to cancel my coaching session?2020-06-08T10:12:28-04:00

If you encounter a scheduling conflict you can reschedule your call. Coaching sessions that are cancelled 24 hours prior will receive a full refund.

Do you offer Amazon coaching discounts?2021-05-21T12:44:03-04:00

Yes! We offer coaching discounts of up to 50% off to brands who enroll in the Amazon Brand Success Academy.

Do you provide ongoing Amazon Marketplace Management?2021-05-21T12:45:22-04:00

If you’re looking for ongoing Amazon Marketplace Management, we do take on a limited number of retainer clients. We can also assess your needs and refer you to a strategic partner that will be able to handle all of your Amazon marketplace management including listing optimization, storefronts, advertising and more. You can fill out a preliminary consulting inquiry to get started and learn more.

How is the Coaching Session scheduled?2019-09-18T11:25:27-04:00

When you book your session, you will be emailed a confirmation along with a Zoom link. This will enable us to chat as well as do screen-share which can be helpful for most scenarios. You can Download the Zoom application in preparation for our call.

Will you fix my problem during our coaching session?2019-09-18T11:25:33-04:00

I will provide expert feedback and assistance. We can walk through any current issues that you may have during our call. Note that I do not perform the implementation, but will direct you to the right strategy and also direct you to the proper resources, tools and people if necessary. While I will always provide the best coaching assistance possible, resolution of most issues ultimately lies with Amazon and your ability to implement the strategies discussed.

What determines the cost of your Amazon Coaching?2019-09-18T11:25:40-04:00

I base the cost of consulting on the level of expertise I bring to the table. It has to do with the level of value you’ll get from our session. Oftentimes coaching can result in avoiding loss of sales or bring an increase in sales once implemented.

If you’re looking to get started selling on Amazon or optimize your products and account, contact us today about our Amazon Seller Consultant Services, and let us help you list, rank and sell on the #1 online platform in the world!

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