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“The problems that we run into that we see are two-fold. First of all, it’s people not meeting those specifications and giving them kind of this vulnerability to having there. There are images yanked by Amazon terribly frequently because of the sheer number of images. The second thing is of course just images don’t look awesome. And you get that from people just using natural household lighting.” Ken Greenlee

In this episode, Ken Greenlee, Amazon Product Photographer and owner of Upgraded Images, discusses what makes an ideal product photo for your Amazon listing and how to get high-quality professional product photography at an affordable flat per image rate.

Ken talks about why he created Upgraded Images. We go on to discuss what are some of the biggest mistakes that you see a lot of sellers make with their primary product photography on Amazon.

We delve into product photography options considering different scenarios – whether it’s a brand, manufacturer, it could be an inventor, or it could be even a reseller who’s putting together a bundle.

You can do it yourself, go the full studio route, hire a whole full studio production or use a company like Upgraded Images. We walk you through each of those.

We also talk about clothing and apparel photography, and give you the websites for both of them. Stay tuned.

Key Takeaways

  • How Ken got started: Late 1999, he started Bath-and-Body (00:18)
  • Why he created Upgraded Images (1:51)
  • Mistakes sellers make with their primary product photography (4:03)
  • You’ll see a lot of samples where the photos don’t meet specifications (4:14)
  • Images that just do not look awesome… (4:57)
  • Amazon specifications on the white background (8:01)
  • How you get that pure white background (9:10)
  • The photo-shoot process: Different options (10:50)
  • It’s about understanding the best way to shoot a product (15:01)
  • Two pieces of advice I’ve found really helpful (17:19)
  • If that first image doesn’t grab the prospect’s attention enough… (22:34)
  • The smaller the product, the more perfect condition it has to be (25:48)
  • About clothing and apparel photography (27:13)

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