Top 10 Things Every Amazon Seller Should Know about Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius by Seller Labs is our favorite automated Amazon feedback tool, one we think no Amazon seller should be without. Listed below are the top 10 Highlights and Features of Feedback Genius. 1. It’s Absolutely Free to Get Started Feedback Genius offers a free 30 day trial to test the full functionality. Sellers with […]

Amazon Policy Update on Product Reviews

On October 3 Amazon caused a wake in the Seller Community after announcing on its blog that it now violated Amazon’s policy to provide discounted products in exchange for a review. This was a policy set to enforce their previous warning that, “Any attempt to manipulate ratings, feedback, or reviews is prohibited.” While this practice […]

Recent Updates to Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

As many sellers know, one of the most important elements to their products conversion rate is the quantity and quality of their products star ratings. Recently, many sellers have attempted to game the system by simply giving away hundreds or even thousands of products using coupon codes at an exorbitant discount (up to 97% off) in exchange for “unbiased and […]

Creating Multi-Pack Variations on Amazon

While it seems relatively simple, one of the elements of selling on Amazon that’s least understood by many sellers, especially manufacturers, is how to create multi-packs. More often than not, manufacturers find their resellers successfully listing and creating multi-pack detail pages on Amazon, and end up listing on those rather than creating their own. If […]

Gaining Approval to Sell in Amazon’s Restricted Categories

Many manufacturers have been having trouble lately gaining approval to sell in Amazon’s restricted categories. Once you review the category policies, you click to the next screen, select PO or Receipt and upload the required documentation. Amazon’s Response? Denied. Recently Amazon began no longer accepting Purchase Orders as a way to validate the category approval […]

UPC Codes for Amazon

If you’re like many small startup manufacturers or entrepreneurs, you’ve needed to ask yourself the obvious question when deciding to sell on Where should I get my UPC codes for Amazon? The ultimate answer is GS1, the official distributor for UPC codes in the United states. Initially, smaller manufacturers, distributors and Amazon sellers were simply able […]

Amazon SEO

Understanding the algorithm of Amazon’s A9 Search Engine and Amazon SEO has long been the goal of many an Amazon Seller. Despite the hidden inner-workings of the algorithm, it actually appears to be quite simple. Unlike Google, there are limited number of factors that can affect the discovery and ranking of products, making Amazon a […]

Can I Restrict Resellers from Selling on Amazon?

One of the most often asked questions by original product manufacturers is whether or not they can maintain exclusive distribution rights through specific channels such as Amazon. With the ability to sell on Amazon so easy, many manufacturers find that their online competition with their own re-sellers has become increasingly competitive, often diminishing profit and […]