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If you’re a brand selling on Amazon Seller Central there is a tremendous opportunity you can take advantage of to help increase your product sales. In early January 2017 Amazon rolled out this new option referred to as “Enhanced Brand Content” (recently updated to A+ Content to coincide with Vendor Central) and in this article we will give you the full rundown on everything you need to know to make the best use of this exciting new feature.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Similar to Vendor Central’s A+ Content, Enhanced Brand Content is a more robust product description allowing brand registered sellers to go into more depth and detail showing and describing the use of their products. Regular product descriptions are limited to simple paragraphs of text with bold only (if you utilize html) while Enhanced Brand Content allows you to utilize multiple layouts, options and text formatting options plus the added benefit of adding multiple photos do your description as well.

Click Here to View Regular ContentClick Here to view Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content

Who Can Use Enhanced Brand Content?

In order to have access to Enhanced Brand Content, you must have Brand Registry for the products you wish to add Enhanced Brand Content to. This means that you are either the brand owner or you have received authorization by the brand owner to control their brand on the Amazon platform. Amazon recently rolled out Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 so new sellers or sellers who have not yet completed Brand Registry will need to go through this new application allowing them to register multiple brands but also requiring more in-depth verification (such as trademark ownership, etc.) Once you have Brand Registry you can begin to add Enhanced Brand Content to any of those branded listings. Click Here to Read More

What’s the Benefit to Using Enhanced Brand Content?

There’s a few primary benefits to Enhanced Brand Content, and the primary one is obvious: Amazon states a 6%-12% increase in sales (or conversions) utilizing this new product description. Based on statistics from Feedvisor, approximately 60% of all Amazon consumers interviewed stated that they read the product description. Despite being below the fold, this is a huge opportunity to show off the product features and benefits as well as provide more in-depth information to your potential customers, add additional lifestyle photos as well as provide any instructional use that may help them experience greater satisfaction from using their product. While the content for Enhanced Brand Content is not indexed by Amazon in the same way that regular product descriptions are, it is possible to leave your original product descriptions in the back-end to continue to provide additional search-ability options for your product. Click Here to Read More

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How Does Enhanced Brand Content Work?

To get started, simply select Advertising – Enhanced Brand Content. To create your first Enhanced Brand description enter a product SKU enrolled in your Brand Registry. From there, select one of the five templates or the custom template outlined below and add your content. Once completed you can save your draft as well as preview the final Enhanced Brand Content to see exactly how it will lay out on the page. Once you are happy with your preview you can select “Publish”. It currently takes between 1-3 weeks for Amazon to approve your initial Enhanced Brand Content. Once it has been approved, edits and updates tend to be published much faster.

Enhanced Brand Content Layouts

Once you have created an Enhanced Brand Content template you can easily copy this to other SKU’s for that brand. ASIN’s that have pre-existing contributions by Amazon (through Vendor Central or their Retail Department) are not able to use Enhanced Brand Content at this time.

What Options Do I Have When Using Enhanced Brand Content?

While there are several layouts to choose from there are specifications and options for each of the elements of content that you can add to your Enhanced Brand Content template. Note that even though you Amazon may have several photo, text and header options you are not required to use all of them (though this may affect how the added descriptions and content lays out).


All of the headers in the Enhanced Brand Content templates are bold, in a larger font size than the text and is automatically left aligned.


Amazon provides maximum size dimensions for each photo/template layout. Photos must be the maximum size or smaller. You can rotate or crop images in the Enhanced Brand Content upload editor and Photos can have captions. Text on images must be large enough to be fully legible in order to get approved. Note that Amazon recently added the ability to add image keywords, or “Alt Text” that can be indexed by Google and other search engines (but not A9).


Text Editing Options for Enhanced Brand Content are as follows:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Bullets
  • Numbered (1, 2, 3, etc.)

Click Here to Download an A+ Content Manager Quick Guide that will provide you with examples of the different layouts, image and content specifications. Note that currently Enhanced Brand Content is an overlay, which means that it is not indexed by A9, but it is indexed by other search engines, so if you have the ability to do Enhanced Brand Content you should also put an html description in the back-end of your product listing for Amazon’s A9 search engine as well.

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