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“Branding is basically a set of promises to deliver to the customer, functionality or features that the customer will come to expect from buying your products. And so, it’s absolutely critical that whatever you’re going to use to define quality or what I’ll call features and benefits that are working to the customer, that’s what the customer is paying for. And if you can’t confirm that those features and benefits are consistently in place, the way you want them to be in place as a brand owner then you have a problem.” James Thomson

Brands and manufacturers are always looking for more effective ways to manage the Amazon platform. Whether it’s unauthorized resellers, MAP violators or inaccurate detail page contributions, there is a solution for brands to control the Amazon platform.

Join me as I host James Thomson, former Business Head of Amazon Services, partner of Buy Box Experts and co-founder of PROSPER Show as we discuss the many benefits and necessities of Amazon and the Single Seller Model.

One of the things that we know about Amazon is Amazon’s goal is to have the largest online platform where anybody can list any product and anyone can sell on that listing at the lowest possible price.

But that’s not always what’s best for the brand. And so, one of the most frequent inquiries I get is from brands and manufacturers who are struggling to control the brand on Amazon and I believe for many, the solution is a single seller model. Stay tuned as we delve into this in more detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Why a single seller model builds brand equity (1:29)
  • Looking at Amazon as a branding platform, not just as an e-commerce platform (7:30)
  • Quality control of the product – What that means for single seller (9:37)
  • Managing unauthorized sellers off the channel (18:00)
  • Pre-purchase and post-purchase follow-up: Direct customer communication (27:24)
  • Using the product review process as a mechanism to deliver value after the sale (35:10)
  • Sponsored campaigns & headline search ads – How that works for a single seller (38:29)
  • Three tiers in Amazon detail page control (43:48)
  • Controlling Pricing/MAP Enforcement on Amazon (49:37)
  • Dealing with duplicate ASINs on Amazon (53:33)
  • The kinds of services Buy Box Experts offers (1:03:16)
  • PROSPER Show, an annual Amazon seller conference Buy Box Experts holds (1:04:29)

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